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This article addresses the effects of heat transfer on magnetohydrodynamic Falkner-Skan wedge flow of a Jeffery fluid. The continuity, momentum and energy balance equations yield the relevant PDE which are transforms to ODE by exploitation of similarity variables. Strength of optimal homotopy series solutions is practiced to solved analytically the transformed ODE model of hydromagnetic Falkner-Skan fluid rheology with heat transfer scenarios. The graphical and numerical illustrations of the result are presented for different interesting flow parameters. Numerical values of Nusselt number are tabulated. It is observed that for the Falkner-Skan rheology, the applied magnetic field acts as a controlling agnet which controls the fluids velocity up to the desired value whereas Debrorah number enhances the fluid velocity.
PAPER REVISED: 2018-11-01
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2018-11-04
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2020, VOLUME 24, ISSUE Issue 1, PAGES [339 - 346]
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