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Thermal Science Archive [volume 23, year 2019, Issue 5]

Issue 5A: Diagnostics of thermal energy usage in agricultural operations on farm and in food processing, optimization of energy demands, integration of renewable energy sources, process-product interaction determination and innovation in the field of smart processing
Issue 5B: Regular issue

Issue 5A

Special Issue

From the Guest Editor

Preface form the guest editor
From the Guest Editor, 2019, Issue 5A

Original Scientific Papers

Diagnostics of thermal energy usage in agricultural operations on farm and in food processing, optimization of energy demands, integration of renewable energy sources, process-product interaction determination and innovation in the field of smart processing
Structural optimization design and heat transfer characteristics of multi-degree-of-freedom spiral plate type agricultural machinery equipment heat exchanger
The magnetization and purification of drinking water by special purple sand materials under different firing temperature
Study on the content of trace beneficial elements in drinking water by new needle stone ceramic materials under different heating conditions
Response of soil microbial community and hydrothermal environment to nitrogen deposition in Pinus massoniana forest in Central Asia
Effect of gas composition and temperature on reduction characteristic in red mud-coal composite pellets
A study of direct reduction characteristics of Bayer process red mud-coal composite pellets
Effect of drilling parameters on drilling temperature and force of ultra-high strength steel
Simulation on cutting forces and cutting temperature in broaching of 300M steel
Design of power network fault diagnosis based on time series matching
Investigation of bubbles interaction and coalescence boiling in the boiling heat transfer process
Application research of intelligent monitoring system of longsheng hot spring water temperature based on Internet of Things
Modeling method of prediction model for salt field ion concentration under solar thermal system using random forest
Combined with the residual and multi-scale method for Chinese thermal power system record text recognition
Geochemical features and genetic mechanism of deep-water source rocks in the Senegal basin, West Africa
Impact of Fischer-Tropsch diesel and methanol blended fuel on diesel engine performance
Thermodynamic research of jadeite jade at high temperatures and high pressures based on phase balance intelligent calculation
Application of biomass moulding fuel to automatic flue-cured tobacco furnaces: Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Study on the thermodynamic function of farmland under drip irrigation
Research on fault diagnosis of thermodynamic system based on the network model of internet of things
Thermodynamic analysis of pollution and treatment of organic matter in water
Research on management strategy of coordination behavior of task conflicts in in-service thermal power unit operation based on big data modeling
Numerical simulation and analysis of the temperature effect on the fission of concrete
Research on knowledge innovation of supply chain enterprises from the perspective of the thermodynamic entropy theory
Transient thermal characteristic analysis and charging state estimation of lithium batteries for Automated Guided Vehicle during discharge
Dual diagnostic method for fracture morphology of thermal coalbed methane reservoir
Type door rigid frame - pile arch system characteristics and disaster prevention application in thermodynamics
Experimental analysis of key parameters of laser fion welding of honeycomb plate heat exchanger
The crater with gravity anomaly in the center may be the ancient volcanic crater and geothermal under it
Study on the inverted N relation and the greenhouse effect impact mechanism between Foreign Direct Investment and carbon emissions
The math modeling research of constant temperature bath
Strategy of thermal radiation coatings in Rongdao kiln of ceramic design industry
Thermal behavior and kinetics of sulfide concentrates
Regulating potential assessment of individual electro-heating load using similarity-based Suport Vector Machine
Regulation capability evaluation of individual electric heating load based on Radial basis Function neural network
Design and application of heating metering and monitoring system based on cloud platform
Research on inspection and certification industry based on dissipative structure theory
Fractal study in soil spatial variability and thermal conductivity
Construction of visual 3-D fabric reinforced composite thermal performance prediction system
Study and evaluation of clustering algorithm for solubility and thermodynamic data of glycerol derivatives
Study of pedestrian road on exterior light-thermal environment in urban central district: The case of Guangzhou

Issue 5B

Regular Issue

Original Scientific Papers

Forecasting energy consumption in Tamil Nadu using hybrid heuristic based regression model
Potentials and prospects for implementation of renewable energy sources in Serbia
Techno-economic assessment of establishment of wind farms in different provinces of Saudi Arabia to mitigate future energy challenges
Effects of introducing the improved energy management system in the Urgent Care Center of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina
The non-linear regression - the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for assumption the energy losses of hydraulic transport in a case of the mine "Trepca"
Rheological properties of coal water slurries containing petrochemicals
Effects of glazing design and infiltration rate on energy consumption and thermal comfort in residential buildings
The maximum excess temperature of fire-induced smoke flow beneath an unconfined ceiling at high altitude
Experimental investigation of distance between v-gutters on flame stabilization and NOx emissions
Explosive disintegration of two-component droplets in a gas flow at its turbulization
Experimental analysis of triple fluid vapour absorption refrigeration system driven by electrical energy and engine waste heat
Effect of liquid phase compressibility on modeling of gas-liquid two-phase flows using two-fluid model
Effects of multiple-nozzle distribution on large-scale spray cooling via numerical investigation
A heat transfer analysis from a porous plate with transpiration cooling
Numerical study of 3-D microscale heat transfer of a thin diamond slab under fix and moving laser heating
Optimization of conjugate heat transfer in the electrofusion joint using Taguchi method
Effect of fabric structural design on the thermal properties of woven fabrics
Free convection around a slender paraboloid of non-Newtonian fluid in a porous medium
Numerical solution of hydromagnetic peristaltic flow in a porous-saturated heated channel
Experimental investigation of heat transfer of flowing liquid film with inserted metal foam layer subjected to air jet impingement
Flow and heat transfer over a stretching surface with variable thickness in a Maxwell fluid and porous medium with radiation
Thermal properties of directionally oriented polymer fibrous materials as a function of fibre arrangement at mesoscopic level
Natural-convection heat transfer enhancement of aluminum heat sink using nanocoating by electron beam method
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of swirl flow in hexagonal rod bundle geometry by split mixing vane grid spacers
Axisymmetric stagnation-point flow and heat transfer of nanofluid impinging on a cylinder with constant wall heat flux
Numerical investigation of combined effect of nanofluids and multiple impinging jets on heat transfer
Combustion of lycopodium particles in random media: Analytical model and predicting the effect of heat loss and Lewis number
Thermodynamic model of critical ice-melting current on iced transmission lines
Using analytic hierarchy process for evaluating different types of nanofluids for engine cooling systems
A comprehensive review on pool boiling heat transfer using nanofluids
Analysis on flow separation characteristics of last stage blade in steam turbine under small volume flow condition
Building energy efficiency in Guangdong province, China
Suppressing the thermal decomposition of forest fuel using the different water spraying schemes
Contribution to creating a mathematical model of underground coal gasification process
Unsteady mixed nanobioconvection flow in a horizontal channel with its upper plate expanding or contracting: A revised model