International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 23, year 2019, Issue 4]

Issue 4: Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
Two-scale mathematics and fractional calculus for thermodynamics
Silkworm (Bombyx mori) cocoon vs. wild cocoon multi-layer structure and performance characterization
Accurate fabrication of aligned nanofibers via a double-nozzle near-field electrospinning
Diffusion-convection equations and classical symmetry classification
Thermal management of the through silicon vias in 3-D integrated circuits
Numerical method for fractional Zakharov-Kuznetsov equations with He's fractional derivative
Simulation of spray droplets over the ocean surface
Change mechanism of transient gas-liquid two-phase flow in wellbore during marine natural gas hydrate reservoir drilling
Wetting and supercontraction properties of spider-based nanofibers
Experimental study on the effect of a deformable boundary on the collapse characteristics of a cavitation bubble
A class of lump solutions for ito equation
Local thermal discomfort in low temperature environments
Symmetry reduction a promising method for heat conduction equations
A new circular spinneret system for electrospinning numerical approach and electric field optimization
Application of the homotopy perturbation method for solving fractional Lane-Emden type equation
Numerical approach to the time-fractional reaction-diffusion equation
Sea-silk based nanofibers and their diameter prediction
Characteristics of a non-circulating transient flow during gas invasion in the underbalanced drilling process
Highly selective penetration of red ink in a saline water
Thermal monitoring and thermal deformation prediction for spherical machine tool spindles
Perturbed Korteweg-de Vries equations symmetry analysis and conservation laws
Influence of fiber diameter on filtration performance of polyester fibers
Exact solutions of the space-time fractional equal width equation
Numerical study of the influence of coal seam mining under reservoir on deep oversize fault deformation
A relaxed non-linear inexact Uzawa algorithm for stokes problem
Numerical analysis of flow structure and energy loss in an impeller side chamber of a molten salt pump
A fractional-order genetic algorithm for parameter optimization of the moisture movement in a bio-retention system
A fractal derivative model for snow's thermal insulation property
Smart adhesion by surface treatment experimental and theoretical insights
Fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanocomposites by electric fields assisted electrospinning
Integrability and lump-type solutions to the 3-D Kadomtsev-Petviashvili-Boussinesq-like equation
Simplest exp-function method for exact solutions of Mikhauilov-Novikov-Wang equations
Land surface temperature vs. Soil spectral reflectance fractional approach and fractional differential algorithm
Deformation properties of self-adapting wind turbine blades numerical approach and optimization
Exact solutions with arbitrary functions of the (4+1)-dimensional fokas equation
Influence of fin thickness on heat transfer and flow performance of a parallel flow evaporator
Numerical approach to a modularized data computer room using a fresh air-cooling system
Optimization of a micro-channel structure of an elliptical louver fin
Abundant lump solutions and interaction solutions of a (3+1)-D Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
Green degumming process of ramie fiber thermal effect and optimization
Advanced synthesis of carbon dots novel insights into temperature effect on fluorescent performance
Global well-posedness of a class of dissipative thermoelastic fluids based on fractal theory and thermal science analysis
Water saving performance and macro fluid analysis of a new cyclonic water collector
A fractal rate model for adsorption kinetics at solid/solution interface
Effect of surface active agent on bubble-electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers
Effect of non-condensable gas on heat conduction in steam sterilization process
Application of industrial waste heat in solar refrigerant system: An example of a textile factory in Jinjiang
Thermal property of rock powder-based nanofibers for high temperature filtration and adsorption
Bayesian analysis of a constant-stress accelerated life testing with thermal aging life model under general progressive type-II censored data
Filtration efficiency of a cigarette filter with X- or Y-shaped fibers

Important Note

Important note from the editors
Retraction : Numerical analysis of mixed convection characteristics inside a ventilated cavity including the effects of nanoparticle suspensions