International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 17, year 2013, Issue 5]

"Thermodynamics for Green Textiles and Green Energy": Issue with 56 original scientific and short papers and 2 "Open Forum" discussions.

Words from the Editors

Words from the Editors of this issue

Original Scientific Papers

Original scientific papers
Theoretical study of heat pump system using CO2/dimethylether as refrigerant
Continuous nanofiber yarns twisted through three-dimensional high-speed swirling airflow
Heat transfer and structure stress analysis of micro packaging component of high power light emitting diode
Thermo-plastic finite element analysis for metal honeycomb structure
Moisture transport through non-porous hydrophilic membranes used in protective clothing
A multi-phase flow model for electrospinning process
GDTM-Padé technique for the non-linear differential-difference equation
Application of hybrid microwave thermal extraction techniques for mulberry root bark
Effect of secondary air on soot nucleus production in stoker-fired boilers
The inverse problem in zero linear ablation of aluminizing carbon composites under high heat flux
A comparison of various basis functions based on meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method for linear stability of circular jet
Distributed parameter modeling and thermal analysis of a spiral water wall in a supercritical boiler
Interception efficiency of particle laden flow over a finite flat plate in potential flow regimes
Numerical simulation on typical parts erosion of the oil pressure pipeline
Homotopy perturbation method for viscous heating in plane Couette flow
A constitutive model for particulate-reinforced titanium matrix composites subjected to high strain rates and high temperatures
Analysis model for forecasting extreme temperature using refined rank set pair
Study on soil moisture by thermal infrared data
Air temperature and precipitation variation trends of the Lancang river upstream from 1957 to 2011
A numerical model for chemical reaction on slag layer surface and slag layer behavior in entrained-flow gasifier
Inversion of spheroid particle size distribution in wider size range and aspect ratio range
Model of fractal aggregates induced by shear
Modified homotopy perturbation method coupled with Laplace transform for fractional heat transfer and porous media equations
Heat transfer analysis of insulation materials with flexible multilayers
Particle-like beads and daughter jet cascades in electrospinning
A biomimic thermal fabric with high moisture permeability
A heat dissipating model for water cooling garments
Experimental research on heat transfer in a coupled heat exchanger
Characteristics of a micro-fin evaporator: Theoretical analysis and experimental verification
PVA-based nanographene film by electrospinning
Numerical study of one-dimensional Stefan problem with periodic boundary conditions
Experimental investigation on optimal temperature lift of an inverter heat pump system
Surface tension and viscosity measurement with surface laser light scattering method
Polymer liquid membrane for nanofiber fabrication
Variational formulations for soliton equations arising in water transport in porous soils
New multi-soliton solutions for generalized Burgers-Huxley equation
Lie symmetry and exact solution of (2+1)-dimensional generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation with variable coefficients
Periodic solution to general conduction problems
Neuronal representation of fabric texture for thermal microenvironment
Optimal spinneret size for improvement of fiber's mechanical property
Design and analysis of flow rectifier of gas turbine flowmeter
A belt-like superfine film fabricated by the bubble-electrospinning
Numerical investigation of blade dynamic characteristics in an axial flow pump
Electrospun polyvinyl alcohol-milk nanofibers
The effects of ambient conditions on the calibration of air flow plate standards
The effect of gamma ray on the thermo-mechanical property of silk fibroin
Hot deformation behavior of TC18 titanium alloy
Nozzle design in a fiber spinning process for a maximal pressure gradient
Effects of different retting methods on thermal stability and mechanical properties of hemp fibers
The Taylor-expansion method of moments for the particle system with bimodal distribution
Fractal approach to heat transfer in silkworm cocoon hierarchy
Electrospun polyvinyl alcohol-honey nanofibers
Study on tip leakage vortex in an axial flow pump based on modified shear stress transport k-ω turbulence model
Study on key technologies of energy-saving and environment-protective pumps

Open Forum

Open forum discussion papers
A short remark on He-Lee’s variational principle for heat conduction
On the semi-inverse method and variational principle