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Thermal Science Archive [[volume 22, year 2018, issue 6]]

Issue 6A: Regular Issue, 35 original scientific papers

Issue 6A

Regular Issue

In Memoriam

Stojan V. Petrović, Ph. D, in memoriam
In Memoriam Stojan V. Petrović, Ph. D

Original Scientific papers

Original Scientific Papers
Renewable electricity in Western Balkans: Support policies and current state
Estimation of photovoltaic power generation potential in Serbia based on irradiance, air temperature, and wind speed data
Green roofs and cool materials as retrofitting strategies for urban heat island mitigation: Case study in Belgrade, Serbia
Urban air pollution caused by the emission of PM10 from the small household devices and abatement measures
Re-use of historic buildings and energy refurbishment analysis via building performance simulation: A case study
Improving thermal stability and reduction of energy consumption by implementing Trombe wall construction in the process of building design: The Serbia region
Convective and conductive thermal homogenization for non-saturated porous building materials: Application on the thermal conductivity tensor
Transient computational fluid dynamics investigations on thermal performance of solar air heater with hollow vertical fins
Effect of the inlet opening on mixed convection inside a 3-D ventilated cavity
Active-grid turbulence effect on the topology and the flame location of a lean premixed combustion
Heat and mass transfer analysis on MHD blood flow of Casson fluid model due to peristaltic wave
Radially varying magnetic field effect on peristaltic motion with heat and mass transfer of a non-Newtonian fluid between two co-axial tubes
A new heat transfer correlation for oscillating fluid flow
Heat transfer enhancement in rotating disk boundary layer
Heat transfer analysis in the time-dependent axisymmetric stagnation point flow over a lubricated surface
Effect of an axial hole on natural convection heat transfer from a cylindrical pin fin attached to a horizontal plate
Mixed convection of functionalized DWCNT-water nanofluid in baffled lid-driven cavities
Mixed convection flow and heat transfer in ferromagnetic fluid over a stretching sheet with partial slip effects
Temperature distribution of a test specimen with high-speed heat air-flow passing through
Influence of turning parameters on cutting temperature by applying the design of experiments with the definition of the workpiece material behavior
A novel determination of the minimal size of a probabilistic representative volume element for fiber-reinforced composites’ thermal analysis
Effect of concentration of metal inorganic salt on fiber diameter in electrospinning process: Mathematical model and experimental verification
Experimental investigations of flow through wide angle conical diffusers with uniform flow and swirl type velocity distortions at inlet
Influence of initial bed temperature on bed performance of an adsorption refrigeration system
Hygrothermal study of dwelling submitted to passive cooling
Monitoring and neural network modeling of cutting temperature during turning hard steel
Computational fluid dynamics analysis for improving temperature distribution in a chili dryer
Controlling the thermal environment of underground power cables adjacent to heating pipeline using the pavement surface radiation properties
Exergy, economic and environmental (3E) analysis of a gas turbine power plant and optimization by MOPSO algorithm
Application of exergoeconomic analysis for power plants
Low grade heat recovery system for woodfuel cogeneration plant using water vapour regeneration
Thermodynamic investigation of organic Rankine cycle energy recovery system and recent studies