International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 18, year 2014, Issue 5]

61 scientific paper on the subjects of Nanothermodynamics in nanomaterials, Environmental sciences, Energy and collection of Short Papers

From the Guest editors

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Nanothermodynamics in nanomaterials

Thermal protection of electronic devices with the Nylon6/66-PEG nanofiber membranes
Effect of flow rate on diameter of electrospun nanoporous fibers
Effect of magnetic intensity on diameter of charged jets in electrospinning
Fabrication of nanoporous fibers via bubble electrospinning
Nanostructure characterization of beta-sheet crystals in silk under various temperatures
Fractal harmonic law and waterproof/dustproof
Near-infraed scattering method for fabric thermal comfort
Polyvinyl alcohol/starch composite nanofibers by bubble electrospinning
Wave-like beads on nanofibers by blown bubble spinning

Environmental sciences

Analysis of rainfall variation under climate change in Miyun reservoir
Properties of the flow around two rotating circular cylinders in side-by-side arrangement with different rotation types
Effect of environmental condition on ventilation rate of special standard bars
Permeability evolution of unloaded coal samples at different loading rates
Discharge coefficient of small sonic nozzles
Multi-scale modeling of the response of runoff to climate change
Effect of circumferential wave number on stability of suspension flow
A modification of level set re-initialized method for the shock waves through the air bubble
Vulnerability of assessing water resources by the improved set pair analysis
Oscillation criteria for half-linear function differential equations with damping
Variational iteration method for the classical Drinfel’d-Sokolov-Wilson equation
Lie symmetry group of (2+1)-dimensional Jaulent-Miodek equation
Approximate solutions of fractional non-linear evolution equations
Spatial and temporal distributions of migration in bio-retention systems
A Toda lattice hierarchy with variable coefficients and its multi-wave solutions
Oscillation behavior of a class of new generalized Emden-Fowler equations
Generalized exp-function method for non-linear space-time fractional differential equations
Modeling of sea spray droplets in the ocean


Energy consumption of the griffes during weaving process of jacquard loom
Control of the gelation process of silk fibroin solution
Thermal analysis of charring materials based on pyrolysis interface model
Temperature distribution of an infinite slab under point heat source
Thermal properties of wool fabric treated by phosphorus-doped silica sols through sol-gel method
Thermal-mechanical behavior of sandwich panels with closed-cell foam core under intensive laser irradiation
Effective thermal conductivity of complicated hierarchic multilayer fabric
Thermal properties of closed-cell aluminum foam with circular pores
Thermochemical ablation of carbon/carbon composites with non-linear thermal conductivity
Evaluation of thermal effects and strain-rate sensitivity in frozen soil
Thermal degradation process of polysulfone aramid fiber
Solar ejector refrigerant system in China’s residential buildings
Energy and exergy analysis of heat pump using R744/R32 refrigerant mixture
Thermodynamic comparision of R744/R600a and R744/R600 used in mid-high temperature heat pump system
A novel design method for ground source heat pump
Heat pump air conditioning system for pure electric vehicle at ultra-low temperature
Performance evaluation of heat pump system using R744/R161 mixture refrigerant
An approximate method for solving a melting problem with periodic boundary conditions
Thermal treatment for nanofibrous membrane
Bio-mimic design of PM2.5 anti-smog masks
Gas reservoir evaluation for underbalanced horizontal drilling
Cuttings-carried theory and erosion rule in gas drilling horizontal well

Short papers

Polymer drawing in the unsymmetrical air flow of melt blowing: Numerical simulation
A short remark on electric current in the electrospinning process
Effect of degumming ph value on electrospining of silk fibroin
Computation and measurement of air temperature distribution of an industrial melt blowing die
Effect of temperature on the morphology of bubble-electrospun nanofibers
Evaluation of different measurements for effective thermal conductivity of fibrous materials
Optimal design for the dual slot die in melt blowing process
Exact solution of fractional Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation
Bubbfil spinning for mass-production of nanofibers