International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 15, year 2011, Supplement 2]

Selection of papers dealing with analytical and numerical methods for solving different problems in flow and heat transfer of non-Newtonian fluids.

From the Editor in Chief

From the editor in chief: 2011, Supplement 2

Original Scientific Papers

Creep transition stresses of a thick isotropic spherical shell by finitesimal deformation under steady state of temperature and internal pressure
Peristaltic flow of a fractional second grade fluid through a cylindrical tube
Heat transfer effects in a Couette flow through a composite channel partly filled by a porous medium with a transverse sinusoidal injection velocity and heat source
Heat transfer over a stretching porous sheet subjected to power law heat flux in presence of heat source
Thermal radiation and hall effect on MHD flow, heat and mass transfer over an inclined permeable stretching sheet
Hydromagnetic flow and heat transfer over a bidirectional stretching surface in a porous medium
New analytical solution for natural convection of Darcian fluid in porous media prescribed surface heat flux
Variational iteration method to solve moving boundary problem with temperature dependent physical properties
Convection heat and mass transfer in a hydromagnetic Carreau fluid past a vertical porous plate in presence of thermal radiation and thermal diffusion
Flow of a second grade fluid with convective boundary conditions
Assessment of homotopy perturbation method in nonlinear convective-radiative non-Fourier conduction heat transfer equation with variable coefficient
An improved computational method for non isothermal resin transfer moulding simulation
Unsteady free convection heat and mass transfer in a Walters-B viscoelastic flow past a semi-infinite vertical plate: A numerical study
Viscosity and dispersion effects on natural convection from a vertical cone in a nonnewtonian fluid saturated porous medium
Natural convection heat and mass transfer in a micropolar fluidsaturated non-Darcy porous regime with radiation and thermophoresis effects
Combined radiation-natural convection in three-dimensional verticals cavities
Rayeilgh number effect on the turbulent heat transfer within a parallelepiped cavity
Heat transfer comparison between a vertical rectangular cavity and an isosceles right-angled triangular cavity of equal cross-sectional area
Effect of thermally active zones and direction of magnetic field on hydromagnetic convection in an enclosure
Influence of electronic expansion valve on the performance of small window air conditioner retrofitted with R407C and R290
HFC/HC blend for car climate control with mineral oil as lubricant
Thermal and stress analysis in Nd: YAG laser rod with different double end pumping methods
Incorporation of EGR and split injection for reduction of nox and soot emissions in DI diesel engines