International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 22, year 2018, Issue 1]

Issue 1A: Mathematical Models for Thermal Science & Papers Devoted to Different Thermal Processes
Issue 1B: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 1A

Mathematical Models for Thermal Science & Papers Devoted to Different Thermal Processes

In Memoriam

Prof. Dimitrije Voronjec, Ph. D, in memoriam
IN MEMORIAM: Dimitrije Voronjec, Ph. D.

Part one

Mathematical Models for Thermal Science
Thermodynamics in nanotechnology: A new approach to revealing hidden phenomena
Formation mechanism of highly aligned nanofibers by a modified bubble electrospinning
Adsorption performance of silver-loaded activated carbon fibers
Improvement of air permeability of Bubbfil nanofiber membrane
An explanation of local fractional variational iteration method and its application to local fractional mKdV equation
Influnence of hot-pressing temperature on the formation of aramid paper
Geometric potential: An explanation of nanofiber’s wettability
Energy absorption in friction-based stab-proof fabrics and the puncture resistance of nanofiber membrane
Nanoscale multi-phase flow and its application to control nanofiber diameter

Part two

Papers Devoted to Different Thermal Processes
Radiation and heat generation effects in MHD mixed convection flow of nanofluids
The exact effects of radiation and joule heating on MHD Marangoni convection over a flat surface
Three dimensional CFD analysis of buoyancy-driven natural ventilation and entropy generation in a prismatic greenhouse
Numerical simulation of convective heat transfer coefficient in channel with corrugated walls
TEG heat performance study about improved fin structures
Influence of variable thermal conductivity and thermal radiation on slip flow and heat transfer of MHD power-law fluid over a porous sheet
Experimental and numerical investigation on turbulent flow of MWCNT-water nanofluid inside vertical coiled wire inserted tubes
Impact of magnetic field in radiative flow of Casson nanofluid with heat and mass fluxes
Thermal radiation mixed convection boundary layer flow in tightly coiled curved pipe for large Richardson number
Impact of surface texture on natural convection boundary layer of nanofluid
Magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer of non-Newtonian power-law nanofluid over a rotating disk with hall current
Experimental investigation on overall thermal performance of fluid flow in a rectangular channel with discrete v-pattern baffle
Cooling effectiveness of mist precooler for improving energy performance of air-cooled chiller
The effects of control factors on operating temperatures of a mechanical heat pump in waste heat recovery: Evaluation using the Taguchi method
Sensitive analysis of harmonics on the assessment of thermal diffusivity of building materials of a periodic state
Optimized cleaning and cooling for photovoltaic modules based on the output perfrmance
Thermal effect on mass flow-rate of sonic nozzle
Impact of electrical and magnetic field on cooling process of liquid metal duct MHD flow
Investigation and predictation of optimum meandering turn number of vertical and horizontal closed-loop pulsating heat pipes
Nonisothermal desorption and nucleate boiling in a water-salt droplet LiBr
Movement of water drops in a forest fuel layer in the course of its thermal decomposition
Analysis of infrared temperature measurement for flue gas shielding metal surface using Source Multi-Flux method
The mathematical model for temperature change of a journal bearing
Temperature of gases in a trace of water droplets during their motion in a flame
Fire extinction of forest fuels by droplets and water film
Numerical simulation of single-nozzle large scale spray cooling on drum wall

Issue 1B

Collection of original scientific papers

Original scientific papers

Magnetohydrodynamic flow of Powell-Eyring fluid by a stretching cylinder with Newtonian heating
Magnetohydrodynamic go-water nanofluid flow and heat transfer between two parallel moving disks
Effect of thermal radiation on natural convection in a square porous cavity filled with a fluid of temperature-dependent viscosity
Effects of pressure stress work and thermal radiation on free convection flow around a sphere embedded in a porous medium with Newtonian heating
Homotopy pertubation method analysis to MHD flow of a radiative nanofluid with viscous dissipation and ohmic heating over a stretching porous plate
Two interfacial collinear Griffith cracks in thermo-elastic composite media
Effect of condensate flow rate on retention angle on horizontal low-finned tubes
Consequences of convection-radiation interaction for magnetite-water nanofluid flow due to a moving plate
A compressibility corrections of the pressure strain linear part models
Numerical study of forced convection heat transfer over three cylinders in staggered arrangement immersed in porous media
Performance study of conical strip inserts in tube heat exchanger using water based titanium oxide nanofluid
An experimental study of the thermal performance of the square and rhombic solar collectors
Chemically reacting on MHD boundary-layer flow of nanofluids over a non-linear stretching sheet with heat source/sink and thermal radiation
Thermodynamic analysis of a single effect lithium bromide water absorption system using waste heat in sugar industry
Mixed convection boundary-layer flow of a viscoelastic fluid due to horizontal elliptic cylinder with constant heat flux
Soret and dufour effects on hydromagnetic flow of Eyring-Powell fluid over oscillatory stretching surface with heat generation/absorption and chemical reaction
Prognostic potential of free convection models for analysis of thermal conditions of heat supply objects
Numerical study of heat transfer of a micropolar fluid through a porous medium with radiation
Mixed convection flow of a nanofluid past a non-linearly stretching wall
Entropy generation analysis of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell by Computational Fluid Dynamics: Influence of electrochemical model and its parameters
Modelling of the conjugate natural convection in a closed system with the radiant heating source radiant energy distribution by Lambert’s cosine law
Investigation of regularities of pelletized biomass thermal deformations during pyrolysis
Experimental study of a large temperature difference thermal energy storage tank for centralized heating systems
The near-wellbore pressure calculation model incorporating thermochemical effect
Solid oxide fuel cells power unit reformer/burner/heat-exchanger module experimental study
Numerical simulation of tensile testing of PE 80 polymer specimens
Reduction of CO2 emission as a benefit of energy efficiency improvement: Kindergartens in the City of Niš - case study
Three-dimensional urban solar potential maps: Case study of the i-Scope Project
Accuracy analysis of air torque position dampers based on blade profiles and damper locations
Impact of a building shape factor on space cooling energy performance in the green roof concept implementation
Development of mathematical model for co-firing pulverized coal and biomass in experimental furnace
Improving efficiency of thermal power plants through mine coal quality planning and control
Analysis of operation of the condenser in a 120 MW thermal power plant
Determination of 3-D velocity field from the four hot-wire output signals using „three against one“ algorithm
Influence of variability of the East Atlantic Oscillation on the air temperature in Montenegro