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Thermal Science Archive [volume 19, year 2015, Supplement 2]

Special Issue devoted to thermal processes on the Earth surface, in oceans and the atmosphere

From the Editor-in-Chief

Introductory Words From the Editor-in-Chief
From the Editor-in-Chief: 2015 / Supplement 2

From the Guest Editor

Words from the Guest Editor
From the Guest Editor: 2015 / Supplement 2

Invited Paper

Scientific uncertainties feed scepticism on climate change
Scientific uncertainties feed scepticism on climate change

Part I

Recent Thermal Processes in Atmosphere
Current long-term negative average annual energy balance of the earth leads to the new little ice age
Ionospheric D-region temperature relaxation and its influences on radio signal propagation after solar X-flares occurrence
Energy efficiency of photovoltaic solar plant in real climate conditions in Banja Luka
The analysis of temperature trends in Vojvodina (Serbia) from 1949 to 2006
Air temperature changes and their impact on permafrost ecosystems in eastern Siberia
Influence of summer temperatures on basic economic and tourism indicators of the Middle Mediterranean
Tropical temperature altitude amplification in the hiatus period (1998-2012)
Air temperature and precipitation variability in northeastern Bulgaria on the background of climate change
The effect of the thermal component change on regional climate indices in Serbia
Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation and changes of summer air temperature in Montenegro
Temperature and other microclimate conditions in the oak forests on Fruška Gora (Serbia)
High resolution grid of potential incoming solar radiation for Serbia
Modelling of forest fires time evolution in the USA on the basis of long term variations and dynamics of the temperature of the solar wind protons
Influences of population, building, and traffic densities on urban heat island intensity in Chiang Mai City, Thailand
Possibilities of solar energy application in Russian cities
Water quality of the Pannonian basin rivers the Danube, the Sava and the Tisa (Serbia) and its correlation with air temperature
Research on the changes of the tidal force and the air temperature in the atmosphere of Lushan (China) Ms7.0 earthquake

Part II

Evaluation of global solar radiation using multiple weather parameters as predictors for South Africa provinces
A practical field study of performances of solar modules at various positions in Serbia
An experimental investigation of performance of photovoltaic modules in Pakistan
Performance comparision of a new-type trough solar concentrator thermal system in different installations
Thermal and electrical energy yield analysis of a directly water cooled photovoltaic module
Thermo-economic performance of inclined solar water distillation systems
Parametric analysis of a solar still with inverted V-shaped glass condenser
Combined non-gray conductive and radiative heat transfer simulation of a single glass window subjected to solar and thermal radiation
A new modelling approach of a multizone building to assess the influence of building orientation in Saharan climate
Dynamic thermal behavior of building using phase change materials for latent heat storage
Integration of eaves and shading devices for improving the thermal comfort in a multi-zone building
Energy and exergy performance evaluation of a typical solar photovoltaic module

Open Forum

Solving fractal steady heat-transfer problems with the local fractional Sumudu transform


Erratum: The paper published in Thermal science, Volume 19, Supplement 1, Year 2010, pp. S53-S66, DOI reference: 10.2298/TSCI100415066L names and affiliations of the authors has been incorrectly written

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