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Thermal Science Archive [volume 13, year 2009, Issue 2]

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From the Editor-in-Chief, issue 2009/2
From the Guest Editor: A brief appraisal of the Goodman method with some personal standpoints

Part One

Papers dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Goodman heat-balance integral method
On high-order polynomial heat-balance integral implementations
The heat-balance integral method by a parabolic profile with unspecified exponent: Analysis and benchmark exercises
Research note on a parabolic heat-balance integral method with unspecified exponent: An entropy generation approach in optimal profile determination
A brief review of several numerical methods for one-dimensional Stefan problems
Application of heat-balance integral method to conjugate thermal explosion
On the goodman heat-balance integral method for Stefan like-problems: Further considerations and refinements
How good is Goodman's heat-balance integral method for analyzing the rewetting of hot surfaces?
Application of the heat-balance and refined integral methods to the Korteweg-de Vries equation
Heat-balance integral method for heat transfer in superfluid helium
Entropy generation analysis in error estimation of an approximate solution: A constant surface temperature semi-infinite conductive problem
Melting and freezing in a finite slab due to a linearly decreasing free-stream temperature of a convective boundary condition

Part Two

Radiation and chemical reaction effects on isothermal vertical oscillating plate with variable mass diffusion
Radiative heat transfer with hydromagnetic flow and viscous dissipation over a stretching surface in the presence of variable heat flux
Radiation and mass transfer effects on MHD free convection flow past an impulsively started isothermal vertical plate with dissipation
Analytic solution of heat and mass transfer over a permeable stretching plate affected by chemical reaction, internal heating, Dufour-Soret effect and hall effect
Solution of one-dimensional moving boundary problem with periodic boundary conditions by variational iteration method
A lattice Boltzmann coupled to finite volumes method for solving phase change problems

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