International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 16, year 2012, Issue 5]

Regular issue titled "Nanoscale Flow: Reliable, efficient, and promissing" with collection of over 60 new original refereed research papers by well established researchers in the field of applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, nanotechnology, and textile engineering.

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Original Scientific and Short Papers

Original Scientific and Short Papers
Review on fiber morphology obtained by bubble electrospinning and blown bubble spinning
Evaluation of natural convection flow of a nanofluid over a linearly stretching sheet in the presence of magnetic field by the differential transformation method
Series solution of entropy generation toward an isothermal flat plate
Evaluation of electro-osmotic flow in a nanochannel via semi-analytical method
Semi-analytical method for solving non-linear equation arising of natural convection porous fin
Numerical investigation into natural convection heat transfer enhancement of copper-water nanofluid in a wavy wall enclosure
Enhancement of natural convection heat transfer in a U-shaped cavity filled with Al2O3-water nanofluid
Numerical approach to Stefan problem in a two-region and limited space
A simple moment model to study the effect of diffusion on the coagulation of nanoparticles due to Brownian motion in the free molecule regime
Determining gas rate distribution from temperature and pressure profiles in gas well
Transport and straining of suspensions in porous media: Experimental and theoretical study
Biomimic design of multi-scale fabric with efficient heat transfer property
Optimal wavelength selection algorithm of non-spherical particle size distribution based on the light extinction data
Phosphorus isothermal adsorption characteristics of mulch of bioretention
Brownian coagulation of aerosols in transition regime
A new method for fiber orientation distribution in a planar contracting turbulent flow
Evolution of particle size distribution in air in the rainfall process via the moment method
Flow-induced vibrations of two tandem cylinders in a channel
Monte Carlo simulation of a two-phase flow in an unsaturated porous media
Characteristic distribution of submicron and nano-particles laden flow around circular cylinder
Monte Carlo simulation for soot dynamics
Vortex shedding patterns in flow past inline oscillating elliptical cylinders
Retrieval of spherical particle size distribution with an improved Tikhonov iteration method
One-way coupling of fiber suspensions through a rotating curved expansion duct
Experimental study on nanoparticle deposition in straight pipe flow
Experimental study on fiber suspensions in a curved expansion duct with particle image velocimetry
Numerical investigation of a capsule-shaped particle settling in a vertical channel
The verification of the Taylor-expansion moment method in solving aerosol breakage
Influence on droplet formation in the presence of nanoparticles in a microfluidic T-junction
Modeling and control of temperature of heat-calibration wind tunnel
Experimental study of aerosol distribution and concentration variation through curved ducts
Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation of a bubbling fluidized bed reactor: Assessment of drag force correlations
Modeling on the breakup of visco-elastic liquid for effervescent atomization
Study on flow of power-law fluid through an infinite array of circular cylinders with immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method
Simulation of flow past two tandem cylinders using deterministic vortex method
Blown bubble-spinning for fabrication of superfine fibers
The fractal harmonic law and its application to swimming suit
Thermal properties of flame retardant cotton fabric grafted by dimethyl methacryloyloxyethyl phosphate
Multi-wave solutions for a non-isospectral KDV-type equation with variable coefficients
Non-isothermal crystallization behavior of biodegradable poly(butylene succinate-co-terephthalate) (PBST) copolyesters
Thermal diffusion in fabrics and a graphics algorithm for apparel pattern reconstruction
On the research of flow around obstacle using the viscous Cartesian grid technique
Instantaneous aerosol dynamics in a turbulent flow
Nanoparticle coagulation and dispersion in a turbulent planar jet with constraints
Induced-charge electroosmosis around conducting and Janus cylinder in microchip
Thermodynamic and kinetics studies of the adsorption of phosphorus by bioretention media
Numerical investigation of particles turbulent dispersion in channel flow
Study on reverse-quadtree adaptive grid technique
High concentration Brownian coagulation in jet flow using two enhancement formulations
Insights into high temperature pretreatment on cellulase processing of bamboo
Design of super-efficient mixer based on induced charge electroosmotic
Modified frequency computation method for optimal environmental flows
Particle deposition characteristics in entrained flow coal gasifier
Negative thermal coefficient of nanoporous biomaterials
Dynamic stability of non-dilute fiber shear suspensions
Linear stability analysis and homoclinic orbit for a generalized non-linear heat transfer
Superthin combined PVA-graphene film
Nanoparticles fabricated by the bubble electrospinning
A solution for potential flow over an arc fiber