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Thermal Science Archive [volume 22, year 2018, Supplement 1]

Supplement 1 - New Trends in Fractional Modelling of Transport Problems in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Mass Transfer

From the Guest editors

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Supplement 1, 2018: From the Guest Editors - New Trends in Fractional Modelling of Transport Problems in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Mass Transfer

Original Scientific Papers

Scientific papers on the topic of New Trends in Fractional Modelling of Transport Problems in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Mass Transfer
Three-dimensional Hausdorff derivative diffusion model for isotropic/anisotropic fractal porous media
A solution method for integro-differential equations of conformable fractional derivative
New exact solutions of the space-time fractional KdV-burgers and nonlinear fractional foam drainage equation
An application of finite element method for a moving boundary problem
Fractional variational iteration method for time-fractional non-linear functional partial differential equation having proportional delays
Investigations of chemical processes of O+ +H2(V=0, J=0) reaction using thermal variation in the ionospheric regions
Relationship between micro-structure and mechanical properties of dissimilar aluminum alloy plates by friction stir welding
A new numerical approach for solving high-order linear and non-linear differantial equations
An application of comparison criteria to fractional spectral problem having Coloumb potential
On numerical solutions for the Caputo-Fabrizio fractional heat-like equation
Improving estimations in quantile regression model with autoregressive errors
Fractal derivative model for the transport of the suspended sediment in unsteady flows
Numerical investigation of the inverse nodal problem by Chebisyhev interpolation method
Numerical investigation of reliability of pump systems from thermal power plants
New method for investigating the density-dependent diffusion Nagumo equation
Numerical solutions of the fractional KdV-Burgers-Kuramoto equation
Calculation of electric field strength in the ionospheric F-region
A modification fractional variational iteration method for solving nonlinear gas dynamic and coupled KdV equations involving local fractional operators
Computing reliability for closed-cycle cooling system in thermo-electric power plants by modelling to circular consecutive-2-out-of-n:F system
Numerical inverse Laplace homotopy technique for fractional heat equations
An application of cubic B-Spline finite element method for the Burgers` equation
On nabla discrete fractional calculus operator for a modified Bessel equation
Numerical solution of initial-boundary value problems with integral conditional for third-order-differential equations
Analysis of the integrated intensity of the central peaks calculated as a function of temperature in the ferroelectric phase of lithium tantalate
Modified variational iteration method for straight fins with temperature dependent thermal conductivity
Moments of sample extremes of order statistics from discrete uniform distribution and numerical results
A heuristic optimization method of fractional convection reaction: An application to diffusion process
A novel method for the space and time fractional Bloch-Torrey equations
Analytic approximate solutions for fluid flow in the presence of heat and mass transfer
Invariant approaches for the analytic solution of the stochastic Black-Derman toy model
New method for solving a class of fractional partial differential equations with applications
On approximate solutions of fractional order partial differential equations
Reduced differential transform and variational iteration methods for 3-D diffusion model in fractal heat transfer within local fractional operators
Numerical solution of fractional order advection-reaction diffusion equation
Exact solution to non-linear biological population model with fractional order
Optimum solutions of space fractional order diffusion equation
Closed form traveling wave solutions of non-linear fractional evolution equations through the modified simple equation method