International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 14, year 2010, Issue 2]

Original Scientific Papers

Heat-balance integral to fractional (half-time) heat diffusion sub-model
A new approach to entropy production minimization in diabatic distillation column with trays
Numerical study of mixed convection and entropy generation in the Poiseulle-Benard channel in different angles
The effect of an external magnetic field on the entropy generation in three-dimensional natural convection
Prediction of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer coefficient
A numerical study for inward solidification of a liquid contained in cylindrical and spherical vessel
Solution of the inverse radiation problem for anisotropically scattering medium using the control volume finite element method
Analytical solution of stagnation flow of a micropolar fluid towards a vertical permeable surface
Effective thermal conductivity modeling with primary and secondary parameters for two-phase materials
Analytical treatment of mixed convection flow past vertical flat plate
Application of the laser pulse method of measuring thermal diffusivity to thin alumina and silicon samples in a wide temperature range
Creep transition stresses in a thin rotating disc with shaft by finite deformation under steady-state temperature
Thermomechanical modelling the resistance welding of PbSb alloy
Thermal damage due to incidental continuous CO2 laser irradiation on human skin
Threshold of permanent cornea thermal damage due to incidental continuous wave CO2 laser irradiation
Effects of operating parameters on performance of a single direct methanol fuel cell
Experimental investigation of characteristics of a double-base swirl injector in a liquid rocket propellant engine
Determination of flow pattern and its effect on NOx emission in a tangentially fired single chamber square furnace
Numerical analysis of the flue gas-coal particles mixture flow in burner's distribution channels with regulation shutters at the TPP Nikola Tesla - A1 utility boiler
An evaluation of the BFD curve based upon wood crib fires performed in an ISO 9705 room
Mathematical modeling and optimization of tri-generation systems with reciprocating engines
Influence of ambience temperature and operational-constructive parameters on landfill gas generation: Case study Novi Sad

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