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Thermal Science Archive [volume 24, year 2020, Issue 5]

Issue 5A: Selected papers presented at 2019 International Conference on Boilers and Heat Exchangers (ICBHE2019) and selection of papers on the subject of different problems in fluid flow and heat transfer
Issue 5B: Selected papers devoted to Thermal Energy Storage and Thermal Management

Issue 5A

Part I

19th International Conference on Boilers and Heat Exchangers (ICBHE2019)
Guest Editor

Guest editor of Part I

Prof. Guo-Li Qi Guangdong Academy of International Academic Exchange (GDAIAE), Guangdong, China
Experimental study on production and emission characteristics of PM2.5 from industrial fluidized bed boilers
Research on collaborative control of double-plunger gas prover based on EtherCAT
Combustion adjustment and operation optimiztion of a 240 t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler
Design of new clean and efficient combustion mode and thermodynamics research using NSGA-II algorithm
Adoption of computer particle swarm optimization algorithm under thermodynamic motion mechanism
Numerical simulation of NOx emission characteristics during combustion in 350 MW supercritical cogeneration tangentially boiler
Discussion on improved method of turbulence model for supercritical water flow and heat transfer
Structural parameters study on stainless-steel flat-tube heat exchangers with corrugated fins
Using molten-salt energy storage to decrease the minimum operation load of the coal-fired power plant
Cost prediction on fabricated substation considering support vector machine via optimized quantum particle swarm optimization
Numerical simulation of decay heat scattering out of AP1000 nuclear reactor spent fuel cask based on finite element method

Part II

Different Problems in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
Large eddy simulation of near-wall turbulent flow over streamlined riblet-structured surface for drag reduction in a rectangular channel
Combustion characteristics of coal gangue and biomass under an O2/CO2 atmosphere
3-D modelling of heat and mass transfer during combustion of low-grade coal
Mathematical modelling of diced konjac corms drying in a fluidised bed dryer
Influence of climatic conditions on fire risk in Djerdap National Park (Serbia): A case study of September 2011
Efficiency characteristic of electrostatic dust precipitation using solar energy
Ranking energy performance opportunities obtained with energy audit in dairies
Investigation of parameters affecting the optimum thermal insulation thickness for buildings in hot and cold climates
Investigation of saturation temperature in solar pond for different sizes
Performance investigations of solar photovoltaic water pumping system using centrifugal deep well pump
The 3-D flow of Casson nanofluid over a stretched sheet with chemical reactions, velocity slip, thermal radiation and Brownian motion
Experimental study on the effect of spray cone angle on the characteristics of horizontal jet spray flame under sub-atmospheric pressure
Nanoscale bubble study of cavitation inception on a platinum surface using molecular dynamics simulation
Numerical study for heat transfer enhancement using CuO water nanofluids through mini-channel heat sinks for microprocessor cooling
Performance investigation and exergy analysis of vapor compression refrigeration system operated using R600a refrigerant and nanoadditive compressor oil
Uniaxial compressive strength and failure characteristics of arkosic sandstone after thermal treatment
Effects of gaseous slip flow and temperature jump on entropy generation rate in rectangular microducts
Stochastic technique for solutions of non-linear fin equation arising in thermal equilibrium model
Application of he’s fractional derivative and fractional complex transform for time fractional Camassa-Holm equation
Simulation of flow in single and double-sided lid driven square cavities by direct simulation Monte Carlo method

Open Forum

Comments on “Magnetohydrodynamic flow of nanofluid over permeable stretching sheet with convective boundary conditions”

Issue 5B

Thermal Energy Storage and Thermal Management

Selected papers devoted to Thermal Energy Storage and Thermal Management
Guest Editor

Guest Editor of this issue

Dr. Zhenyu Du, Information Technology and Industrial Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong, China
Computer simulation study on heat transfer of surrounding rock in mine roadway of coal mine enterprises
Computer image processing and neural network technology for boiler thermal energy diagnosis
Research on temperature control of heating furnace with intelligent proportional integral derivate control algorithm
Analysis of thermal energy storage system for energy saving reconstruction of building in region with heating provision and high sunshine
Research on thermal energy control of photovoltaic fuel based on advanced energy storage management
Modeling and simulation of wind turbine heat recycling system
Preparation and properties of silicate inorganic exterior wall insulation based on thermal energy storage
Research on thermal design control and optimization of relay protection and automation equipment
Measurement and calculation of calorific value of raw coal based on artificial neural network analysis method
Simulation of electric heating prediction model by internet of things technology and room thermal performance analysis
Sewage treatment degradation thermal energy management system of sewage treatment plant
Simulation and operation control strategy of ground source thermal energy management system by cold and heat auxiliary technology
Research on fuel cell energy storage control and power generation system
The use of genetic algorithm in the design of internet of things platform of heat energy collection system
Analysis of heat and mass transfer mechanism during thermal energy storage and temperature regulation
Analysis of new inorganic exterior insulation materials and thermal energy storage
Heat consumption analysis and energy-saving renovation of building heating in high sunshine heating area
High performance photovoltaic/thermal subsystem photoelectric conversion solar cell coupled thermal energy storage system
Computer image processing and neural network technology for thermal energy diagnosis of boiler plants
The modeling and energy efficiency analysis of thermal energy management operation of ground source heat pump air-conditioning system
Simulation research on the grid connected generation system of solar thermal power generation
Analysis of thermal energy storage optimization of thermal insulation material and thermal insulation structure of steam pipe-line
Design and simulation of hybrid thermal energy storage control for photovoltaic fuel cell
Exploring the optimal design of computer control system for heating boilers in power plants
Performance analysis of heat accumulation of solar thermal generator units by computer numerical simulation
Analysis and use of building heating and thermal energy management system
Research on computer centralized management system based on thermal energy data acquisition and display
Numerical simulation of ultrasonic heat meter by multiphysics coupling finite-element simulation software
Study on energy efficiency evaluation and influencing factors of ground source thermal energy management system operation
Enhancement on the thermal behavior using heat pipe arrays in battery thermal management compared to cooper rods
Analysis and application of building heating and thermal energy management system
Analysis of thermal storage performances of solar thermal power generation unit using computer numerical simulation analysis
Imitation analysis of cremation furnace heat transfer under the finite element simulation software
Thermal energy diagnosis of boiler plant by computer image processing and neural network technology
Thermal performance analysis and optimal control of power lithium cell thermal management system for new energy vehicles
Application of energy-saving structural design under numerical simulation in solar heating buildings
Theoretical and experimental analysis of thermal energy management system of air source self-powered electric gas generator
Analysis and optimization control of finned heat dissipation performance for automobile power lithium battery pack
Temperature field distribution analysis for cargo oil on microwave heating process
Research on fuel cell based on photovoltaic technology