International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 22, year 2018, Issue 2]

Issue 2 - Original Scientific Papers and Open Forum Contributions

Original scientific papers

Original scientific papers
Study on thermal anomalies of earthquake process by using tidal-force and outgoing-longwave-radiation
The heat radiation diffusion equation: Explicit analytical solutions by improved integral-balance method
Modified Kawahara equation within a fractional derivative with non-singular kernel
Partial slip and thermal radiation effects on hydromagnetic flow over an exponentially stretching surface with suction or blowing
Impact of heat transfer analysis on Carreau fluid-flow past a static/moving wedge
Mixed convection in poiseuille fluid from an asymmetrically confined heated circular cylinder
Two conjugate convection boundary-layers of counter forced flow
Analytical study of unsteady sedimentation analysis of spherical particle in Newtonian fluid media
Effect of joule heating and hall current on MHD flow of a Nanofluid due to a rotating disk with viscous dissipation
Three-dimensional and two-phase nanofluid flow and heat transfer analysis over a stretching infinite solar plate
Numerical study on heat transfer characteristics of nanofluid based natural circulation loop
Thermal analysis in thin-film fluid regions of rectangular microgroove
Drop formation in cross-junction micro-channel, using lattice Boltzmann method
Combined natural convection and radiation with temperature-dependent properties
Performance assessment of alternate refrigerants for retrofitting R22 based air conditioning system
Time dependent prediction of monthly global solar radiation and sunshine duration using exponentially weighted moving average in southeastern of Turkey
Performance comparison of aboveground and underground solar ponds
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of a V-rib with gap roughened solar air heater
Experimental study of solidification of paraffin wax in solar based triple concentric tube thermal energy storage system
Evaluation of different sunshine-based models for predicting global solar radiation – case study: New Borg El-Arab city, Egypt
Experimental study on cascade heat pump dryer with a solar collector under low temperature outdoor air environment
The case study of binary power plant based on thermoeconomics in Sichuan, China
Thermal water utilization in the Hungarian greenhouse practice
Influence of fiberglass mesh on flammability of EPS used as insulation of buildings
Prediction and comparison of size of the copper and aluminium bus duct system based on ampacity and temperature variations using MATLAB
Thermal stability and thermal decomposition kinetics of Ginkgo biloba leaves waste residue
Sustainable development of Romanian cities through biogas production from municipal wastes and application in co-combustion processes
Combustion behaviour of different types of solid wastes and their blends with lignite
Improved waste heat recovery through surface of kiln using phase change material
Thermal decomposition and oxidation of coal processing waste
The thermal transmission behavior analysis of two coal gangues selected from inner Mongolia in China
Two-dimensional mathematical model of liquid fuel combustion in bubbling fluidized bed applied for a fluidized furnace numerical simulation
Boundary-layer transition detection by thermography and numerical method around bionic train model in wind tunnel test
Experimental study of heat transfer through cooling water circuit in a reactor vault by using Al2O3 nanofluid

Open Forum

Open Forum Papers
Research in entropy wonterland: A review of the entropy concept