International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 17, year 2013, Issue 3]

Issue dedicated to the subject of analytical methods in non-linear heat transfer and diffusion

In memoriam

In memoriam Professor Oleg G. Martynenko, 1936-2012
In memoriam: Professor Oleg G. Martynenko 1936-2012

Words from the Editors

From the Editor-in-Chief, 2013/3

Part one: Analytical methods in non-linear heat transfer and diffusion

A collection of papers presenting and testing capabilities of the recently developed Analytical methods in non-linear heat transfer and diffusion
A certain analytical method used for solving the Stefan problem
Solution of the inverse heat conduction problem with Neumann boundary condition by using the homotopy perturbation method
Redistribution of mass from a thin interlayer between two thick dissimilar media: 1-D diffusion problem with a non-local condition
New analytical solution for solving steady-state heat conduction problems with singularities
An integral transform solution for unsteady compressible heat transfer in fluids near their thermodynamic critical point
Analytical study of the temperature distribution in solids subjected to nonuniform moving heat sources
Analytical thermal modelling of multilayered active embedded chips into high density electronic board
The Yang-Fourier transforms to heat-conduction in a semi-infinite fractal bar
Reconstructive schemes for variational iteration method within Yang-Laplace transform with application to fractal heat conduction problem
Pseudo-Bond Graph model for the analysis of the thermal behavior of buildings
A note on the integral approach to non-linear heat conduction with Jeffrey’s fading memory

Part two: Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Review on absorption technology with emphasis on small capacity absorption machines
LES-CMS simulations of a turbulent lifted hydrogen flame in vitiated co-flow
Forced convection of radiating gas over an inclined backward facing step using the blocked-off method
Characteristic study of non-circular incompressible free jet
Numerical analysis of a turbulent flow in a channel provided with transversal waved baffles
Thermodynamic analysis of fluid flow in channels with wavy sinusoidal walls
Investigating the impacts of included angles on flow and heat transfer in cross-corrugated triangular ducts with field synergy principle
Modeling of convective drying kinetics of Pistachio kernels in a fixed bed drying system
A regularized GMRES method for inverse blackbody radiation problem
Numerical study of natural melt convection in cylindrical cavity with hot walls and cold bottom sink
Melting heat transfer in the stagnation-point flow of third grade fluid past a stretching sheet with viscous dissipation
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of melting phenomenon with natural convection from an eccentric annulus
Contribution study of the thermodynamics properties of the ammonia-water mixtures
Ecological modeling of pollutants in accidental fire at the landfill waste
Models for optimum thermo-ecological criteria of actual thermal cycles
Technical and financial analysis of combined cycle gas turbine
Study of entropy generation in a slab with non-uniform internal heat generation

Open Forum

Open discussion papers.
Remark on a constrained variational principle for heat conduction
1-D heat conduction in a fractal medium: A solution by the local fractional Fourier series method