International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 14, year 2010, Issue 1]

Original Scientific Papers

Maximum work output of multistage continuous Carnot heat engine system with finite reservoirs of thermal capacity and radiation between heat source and working fluid
Rayleigh-Taylor instability of two superposed magnetized viscous fluids with suspended dust particles
Comparative study of thermal transport in Zea mays straw and Zea mays heartwood (cork) boards
Experimental evaluation of internal heat exchanger influence on R-22 window air conditioner retrofitted with R-407C
Thermal behavior of tissues having different porosities during continuous CO2 laser irradiation
Experimental investigation of transcritical CO2 heat pump for simultaneous water cooling and heating
Limits for thermal conductivity of nanofluids
Diffusion and heat transfer effects on exponentially accelerated vertical plate with variable temperature
A RELAP5 model for the thermal-hydraulic analysis of a typical pressurized water reactor
Investigation of the ionized gas flow adjacent to porous wall in the case when electroconductivity is a function of the longitudinal velocity gradient
Mathematical modeling of a multi-stream brazed aluminum plate fin heat exchanger
Thermal management of mobile devices
Turbulent mixed convection in heated vertical channel
MHD free convection-radiation interaction along a vertical surface embedded in Darcian porous medium in presence of Soret and Dufour's effects
Experimental analysis of parallel plate and crosscut pin fin heat sinks for electronic cooling applications
Research in solar energy at the 'Politehnica' university of Timisoara: Studies on solar radiation and solar collectors
Effect of thermophoresis on natural convection boundary layer flow of a micropolar fluid
Convective cooling of tandem heated triangular cylinders placed in a channel
Validation of atmospheric boundary layer turbulence model by on-site measurements
Elastic-plastic transition stresses in a thin rotating disc with rigid inclusion by infinitesimal deformation under steady-state temperature
Computational analysis of transient turbulent flow and conjugate heat transfer characteristics in a solar collector panel with internal, rectangular fins and baffles
Theoretical-experimental determining of cooling time (t8/5) in hard facing of steels for forging dies
Solving paraffin deposition problem in tubing by heating cable application
Wind energy resources in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Investigation of pressure pulsations in the furnace and flue gas tract of the pulverized coal combustion utility boiler
Heat transfer under a pulsed slot turbulent impinging jet at large temperature differences
Total heat flux on the wall: Bench scale wood crib fires tests

Comments and discussions

Regarding Flaws in A. Thakker and M. A. Elhemry (2007) 3-D CFD Analysis on Effect of Hub-to-Tip Ratio on Performance of Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion