International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 13, year 2009, Issue 4]

Issue dedicated to the memory of Ljuba Jovanovic. Contains 25 original scientific papers.

Word from the Editor

From the Editor-in-Chief: issue 2009/4

Original Scientific Papers

Analysis of the performance of the ship steam boiler using simulation
Thermodynamic analysis of a Kalina power unit driven by low temperature heat sources
Optimal temperatures and maximum power output of a complex system with linear phenomenological heat transfer law
Thermodynamic modelling and efficiency analysis of a class of real indirectly fired gas turbine cycles
Long-term optimization case studies for combined heat and power system
Criteria selection for the assessment of Serbian lignites tendency to form deposits on power boilers heat transfer surfaces
Numerical simulation of the influence of stationary louver and coal particle size on distribution of pulverized coal to the feed ducts of a power plant burner
Theoretical and experimental study of a cross-flow induced-draft cooling tower
Elastic-plastic transition stresses in a transversely isotropic thick-walled cylinder subjected to internal pressure and steady-state temperature
Experimental research of limits for thermal modulation transfer function
Analysis of photothermal response of thin solid films by analogy with passive linear electric networks
Finite element analysis of spot laser of steel welding temperature history
Heat exchanger operating point determination
Numerical solution of Stefan problem with time-dependent boundary conditions by variable space grid method
Turbulent flow and heat transfer characteristics in U-tubes: A numerical study
Numerical three-dimensional analysis of the mechanism of flow and heat transfer in a vortex tube
Heat transfer correlation for a refrigerant mixture in a vertical helical coil evaporator
Preliminary studies on global solar radiation in Mbalmayo, Cameroon
Natural convection heat transfer in a partially divided trapezoidal enclosure
Thermal performance and economic assessment of masonry bricks
A modelling approach of thermal insulation applied to a Saharan building
Experimental and numerical modelling of thermal performance of a residential building in Belgrade

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