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The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the successful application of system dynamics simulation modelling at investigating performance dynamics of the ship steam boiler. Ship steam boiler is a complex non-linear system which needs to be systematically investigated as a unit consisting of a number of subsystems and elements, which are linked by cause-effect feedback loops, both within the system and with the relevant surrounding. In this paper the authors will present the efficient application of scientific methods for the research of complex dynamic systems called qualitative and quantitative simulation system dynamics methodology, which will allow for production and use of higher number and kinds of simulation models of the observed elements, and finally allow for the continuous computer simulation, which will contribute to acquisition of new information about the non-linear character of performance dynamics of ship steam boilers in the process of designing and education. Ship steam boiler will be presented in POWERSIM simulation language in mental-verbal, structural, and mathematical computer models.
PAPER REVISED: 2009-01-14
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2009-01-15
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