International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 23, year 2019, Supplement 1]

Supplement 1 - Recent Advances in Numerical and Computational Mathematics in Fluid Flow and Thermal Processes

From the Guest Editor

Introductory words from the Guest Editor
From the Guest Editor, 2019, Supplement 1

Recent Advances in Numerical and Computational Mathematics in Fluid Flow and Thermal Processes

Milstein-type semi-implicit split-step numerical methods for nonlinear stochastic differential equations with locally Lipschitz drift terms
Modified Laguerre wavelet based Galerkin method for fractional and fractional-order delay differential equations
Validation of computational fluid dynamic analysis of natural convection conditions for a resin dry-type transformer with a cabin
An analysis of dependence between oil price and stock market with Copula-Garch approach: An empirical analysis from Istanbul stock exchange
A specific Sturm-Liouville differential equation
Chebyshev wavelet collocation method for Ginzburg-Landau equation
Simulating chloride penetration in fly ash concrete by a fractal derivative model
Performance analysis of three port full bridge converter for hybrid photovoltaic/battery management system
Bearing fault detection by four-band wavelet packet decomposition
Determination of positioning accuracies by using fingerprint localisation and artificial neural networks
A new notion of transitive relative return rate and its applications using stochastic differential equations
Discrete fractional solution of a nonhomogeneous non-Fuchsian differential equations
Polynomial based differential quadrature for numerical solutions of Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
Energy-dependent fractional Sturm-Liouville impulsive problem
The λ ̅-statistically convergent double sequences in fuzzy normed spaces
Earthquake prediction, ionospheric total electron content, and three earthquakes in California
Oscillation properties of solutions of fractional neutral differential equations
Oscillation properties of solutions of fractional difference equations
Determination of glass transition temperature and surface properties of novel chalcone modified poly (styrene) based polymer
Legendre wavelet operational matrix method for solving fractional differential equations in some special conditions
Some Kannan type fixed point results in rectangular soft metric space and an application of fixed point for thermal science problem
On exact solutions for new coupled nonlinear models getting evolution of curves in Galilean space
Adomian-Padé approximate solutions to the conformable nonlinear heat transfer equation
Alternating direction implicit method for numerical solutions of 2-D burgers equations
A pilot study for the pyrolysis of the urea formaldehyde-melamine formaldehyde resin paper waste
Approximate solutions and conservation laws of the periodic base temperature of convective longitudinal fins in thermal conductivity
A computational method for solving differential equations with quadratic nonlinearity by using Bernoulli polynomials
New model for compressive strength loss of lightweight concrete exposed to elevated temperatures
An anisotropic model of unbound granular material under repeated loading
Some special curves belonging to Mannheim curves pair
Analytical solutions of nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations using Multistep Modified Reduced Differential Transform Method
Local stability of dengue model using the fractional order system with different memory effect on the host and vector population
Numerical solutions of a class of nonlinear ordinary differential equations in Hermite series
N-Bishop Darboux vector of the spacelike curve with spacelike binormal
An explicit characterization of spherical curves according to bishop frame and an approximately solution
A special interpretation of the concept constant breadth for a space curve
Influence of time and room temperature on mechanical and thermal degradation of poly(lactic) acid
Solar powered hybrid multilevel inverter fed induction motor using fuzzy proportional integral speed controller
The dual spatial quaternionic expression of ruled surfaces
On the Sabban frame belonging to involute-evolute curves
On internal stability loss of a row unidirected periodically located fibers in the visco-elastic matrix