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Thermal Science Archive [volume 19, year 2015, Issue 2]

Regular Issue: Original scientific papers and Open Forum contributions

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Albert Pavlovich Baskakov
In memoriam: Albert Pavlovich Baskakov 1928-2015

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Prospective thermal power generation in the Western Balkan countries
A realistic EU vision of a lignite-based energy system in transition: Case study of Serbia
Marginal share of renewable energy sources of variable electricity generation: A contribution to the concept definition
Potentials for forest woody biomass production in Serbia
Influence of renewable energy sources on climate change mitigation in Serbia
A numerical study for the assessment of pollutant dispersion from Kostolac B power plant to Viminacium for different atmospheric conditions
Themoeconomic optimization of triple pressure heat recovery steam generator operating parameters for combined cycle plants
A model for the evaluation of heat loss from underground cables in non-uniform soil to optimize the system design
Thermo-economic-environmental optimization of a microturbine using genetic algorithm
Analysis on three-dimensional flow and heat transfer in a cross wavy primary surface recuperator for a microturbine system
Analytical and experimental determination of the temperature field on the surface of wall heating panels
Hot-wire measurements with automatic compensation of ambient temperature changes
Measurements of liquid film thickness of a wide horizontal co-current stratified air-water flow
A finite-difference scheme for solution of a fractional heat diffusion-wave equation without initial conditions
Numerical investigation of incompressible fluid flow and heat transfer across a bluff body in a channel flow
Homotopy analysis method for mixed convective boundary layer flow of a nanofluid over a vertical circular cylinder
Investigation of heat transfer and viscous dissipation effects on the Jeffery-Hamel flow of nanofluids
Thermal non-equilibrium heat transfer in a porous cavity in the presence of bio-chemical heat source
Natural convection in square enclosures differentially heated at sides using alumina-water nanofluids with temperature-dependent physical properties
Investigations on the internal shape of Constructal cavities intruding a heat generating body
Numerical investigation on flow behavior and energy separation in a micro-scale vortex tube
Investigation on the pressure matching performance of the constant area supersonic-supersonic ejector
Influence of deflection hole angle on effusion cooling in a real combustion chamber condition
Numerical study of laminar flow in a sudden expansion obstacled channel
Thermal performance of a porus radial fin with natural convection and radiative heat losses
Experimental and numerical investigation of a louvered fin and elliptical tube compact heat exchanger
Transient analysis of heat and mass transfer during heat treatment of wood including pressure equation
Short-term and long-term thermal prediction of a walking beam furnace using neuro-fuzzy techniques
An approximate analytical (integral-balance) solution to a nonlinear heat diffusion equation

Open Forum

Open Forum Contributions
Calculation of temperature field in gas flow with internal heat source
Field synergy number versus Stanton number
Bubbfil spinning for fabrication of PVA nanofibers

Errata and Important Notes

Corrections and important notes about published papers
Important note! – Retraction
Erratum – Correction of the paper title