International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 18, year 2014, Supplement 2]

Use of solar energy – technologies, processes, and problems; Flow and heat transfer in magnetohydrodynamic devices and electro-conducting fluids; Open Forum

Part I: Use of solar energy

Use of solar energy – technologies, processes, and problems
Free convection of a nanofluid in a square cavity with a heat source on the bottom wall and partially cooled from sides
Convective heat transfer over a wall mounted cube at different angle of attack using large eddy simulation
Benchmarking of the SW80 polycrystalline silicon modules using the sun as source of light
Numerical analysis of melting of nano-enhanced phase change material in latent heat thermal energy storage system
Modelling of solar distillation system with phase change material (PCM) storage medium
Experimental investigations with eco-friendly refrigerants using design of experiments technique-mathematical modeling and experimental validation
Thermal-economic multiobjective optimization of heat pipe heat exchanger for energy recovery in HVAC applications using genetic algorithm
Processes development for high temperature solar thermal Kalina power station
Spread of smoke and heat along narrow air cavity in double-skin façade fires
Theoretical energy and exergy analyses of solar assisted heat pump space heating system
Single basin double slope solar still: Year round performance prediction for local climatic conditions at Southern India
Thermal asymmetry model of single slope single basin solar still with sponge liner
Performance of solar dryer chamber used for convective drying of sponge-cotton
A combined experimental/numerical approach to study the thermal dispersion in porous media flows

Part II: Magnetohydrodynamic Devices and Electroconducting Fluids

Flow and heat transfer in magnetohydrodynamic devices and electro conducting fluids
A mathematical model on MHD slip flow and heat transfer over a nonlinear stretching sheet
Influence of thermal radiation and heat generation/absorption on MHD heat transfer flow of a micropolar fluid past a wedge considering hall and ion slip currents
Hall effect on thermal stability of ferromagnetic fluid in porous medium in the presence of horizontal magnetic field
Chemical reaction effects on unsteady MHD free convective flow in a rotating porous medium with mass transfer
Series solutions for the flow in the vicinity of the equator of an MHD boundary-layer over a porous rotating sphere with heat transfer
The effect of compressibility, rotation and magnetic field on thermal instability of Walters’ fluid permeated with suspended particles in porous medium
Investigation of thermal behavior and fluid motion in DC magnetohydrodynamic pumps
Thermal radiation effects on magneto hydro dynamic flow and heat transfer in a channel with porous walls of different permeability
Radiative MHD compressible Couette flow in a parallel channel with a naturally permeable wall
Forced convection boundary layer MHD flow of nanofluid over a permeable stretching plate with viscous dissipation
MHD flow and heat transfer for Maxwell fluid over an exponentially stretching sheet with variable thermal conductivity in porous medium

Open Forum

Open forum discussion papers
An alternative form of the Darcy equation