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Thermal Science Archive [volume 18, year 2014, Issue 4]

Regular issue: 30 original scientific papers and Open Forum Topic, with Remembrance to Academician S. S. Kutateladze

Words From the Editors

Remembrance to Academician S. S. Kutateladze
100th Anniversary from the birth of Academician Samson Semenovich KUTATELADZE

Original Scientific Papers

Turbulence transition threshold of a buoyancy-driven flow over an isothermal vertical wall
Unsteady flow and heat transfer of Jeffrey fluid over a stretching sheet
Heat transfer for two types of viscoelastic fluid over an exponentially stretching sheet with variable thermal conductivity and radiation in porous medium
Nonlinear peristaltic flow of Walter's B fluid in an asymmetric channel with heat transfer and chemical reactions
Interaction of heat transfer and peristaltic pumping of fractional second grade fluid through a vertical cylindrcal tube
Numerical investigation of natural convection heat transfer in a symmetrically cooled square cavity with a thin fin on its bottom wall
Experimental investigation of natural convection in an enclosure with partial partitions at different angles
Three-dimensional numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer inside a horizontal semi-circular cross-sectioned duct
Numerical simulation of different turbulence models aiming at perdicting the flow and temperature separation in a Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube
Numerical investigation on cooling performance of Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the influence of injection nozzle lateral outflow on the performance of Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube
Numerical simulation of the mixing and flow characteristics in lobed mixers
Heat transfer from a moving fluid sphere with internal heat generation
Validation of the CFD code used for determination of aerodynamic characteristics of nonstandard AGARD-B calibration model
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of flow over a circular cylinder at moderate Reynolds numbers
A study on the mixed convection boundary layer flow and heat transfer over a vertical slender cylinder
Computation of heat transfer of a plane turbulent jet impinging a moving plate
Experimental studies on effect of bonding the twisted tape with pins to the inner surface of the circular tube
Enhancement of phase change along the long tubes of a latent heat storage unit
Numerical study on laminar free convection heat transfer between sphere particle and high pressure water in pseudo-critical zone
A numerical study on convection around a square cylinder using Al2O3-H2O nanofluid
Experimental study on turbulent convective heat transfer, pressure drop, and thermal performance characterization of ZnO/water nanofluid flow in a circular tube
Heat transfer on grooved high density poly ethylene tube for surface water source heat pump
Thermodynamic performance evaluation of an air-air heat pipe heat exchanger
Experimental and numerical studies of a spiral plate heat exchanger
Application of stochastic models for mine planning and coal quality control
Numerical study of flame/vortex interactions in 2-D Trapped Vortex Combustor
Estimation of condensate mass flow rate during purging time in heat recovery steam generator of combined cycle power plant
Exergy modeling and performance evaluation of pulp and paper production process of bagasse, a case study
An approach to the modeling of a virtual thermal manikin

Open forum

Open forum discussion papers
Entropy change of open thermodynamic systems in self-organizing processes


Corrections of papers and list of references
Correction of DOI numbers
Corrections in the list of references in the paper published in Thermal science, year 2010, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 783-798 doi: 10.2298/TSCI100217005D
Some modifications on the text of our paper: Two dominant analytical methods for thermal analysis of convective step fin with variable thermal conductivity, Thermal science, vol. 18, 2014, no. 2, pp. 431-442