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Thermal Science Archive [volume 17, year 2013, Issue 2]

Regular Issue: 26 original scientific papers and 3 "Open Forum" discussions

In memoriam

In memoriam - Eduard (Edik) Petrovich Volchkov, 1937-2013
In memoriam - Eduard (Edik) Petrovich Volchkov, 1937-2013

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Sustainable nuclear energy dilemma
Wood fuels consumption in households in Montenegro
Simulation of photovoltaic systems electricity generation using homer software in specific locations in Serbia
Influence of building orientation on internal temperature in saharan climates, building located in Ghardaïa region (Algeria)
Effect of roughness geometry on heat transfer and friction characteristics of PCM storage unit for night coolness storage in summer season
The effect and contribution of wind generated rotation on outlet temperature and heat gain of LS-2 parabolic trough solar collector
Thermal comfort findings: Scenario at Malaysian automotive industry
Investigation of transient cooling of an automobile cabin with a virtual manikin under solar radiation
Phase change material solidification in a finned cylindrical shell thermal energy storage: An approximate analytical approach
Numerical performance study of paraffin wax dispersed with alumina in a concentric pipe latent heat storage system
Numerical simulation of the solar thermal energy storage system for domestic hot water supply located in south Spain
Simultaneous effects of water spray and crosswind on performance of natural draft dry cooling tower
Optimization of cooling tower performance analysis using Taguchi method
Uncertainty analysis for experimental heat transfer data obtained by the Wilson plot method: Application to condensation on horizontal plain tubes
Study on effective parameter of the triple-pressure reheat combined cycle performance
Exergoeconomic optimization of a thermal power plant using particle swarm optimization
Hydromagnetic flow and heat transfer adjacent to a stretching vertical sheet in a micropolar fluid
Influence of mixed convection on blood flow of Jeffrey fluid through a tapered stenosed artery
A method for calculation of forces acting on air cooled gas turbine blades based on the aerodynamic theory
On the ionized gas boundary layer adjacent to the bodies of revolution in the case of variable electroconductivity
Mixed convection heat transfer past in-line square cylinders in a vertical duct
Thermal impedance estimations by semi-derivatives and semi-integrals: 1-D semi-infinite cases
Experimental studies on radiation heat transfer enhancement on a standard muffle furnace
Thermomechanical behavior of dry contacts in disc brake rotor with a grey cast iron composition
A comprehensive study on waste heat recovery from internal combustion engines using organic Rankine cycle

Open Forum

Open discussion paper.
Fractal heat conduction problem solved by local fractional variation iteration method
A modified Yang-Laplace equation for the bubble electrospinning considering the effect of humidity
Extending the Bejan number to a general form