International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 16, year 2012, Issue 2]

Special issue covering topics of fractal calculus, processes in nanofluids and different topics in energy technologies

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Fractal Calculus in Thermal Science

Original scientific papers covering the topic of fractal calculus in thermal science
Converting fractional differential equations into partial differential equations
Exact solutions of time-fractional heat conduction equation by the fractional complex transform
Fractional model for heat conduction in polar bear hairs
Explosion-proof textile with hierarchical Steiner tree structure
Exact solutions for rotational flow of a fractional Maxwell fluid in a circular cylinder
Numerical simulation of the fractional Langevin equation
Numerical algorithm based on fast convolution for fractional calculus
Application of fractional calculus in ground heat flux estimation
The Dirihlet problem for the fractional Poisson’s equation with Caputo derivatives: A finite difference approximation and a numerical solution
Integral-balance solution to the Stokes’ first problem of a viscoelastic generalized second grade fluid
On analytical study of factional Oldroyd-B flow in annular region of two torsionally oscillating cylinders

Processes in Nanofluids

Original scientific papers discussing processes in nanofluids
Heat transfer enhancement using nanofluids: An overview
Flow visualization and study of CHF enhancement in pool boiling with Al2O3 - Water nano-fluids
Effects of nanoparticle volume fraction in hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics of forced plane jet
Numerical analysis of heat transfer enhancement with the use of γ-Al2O3/water nanofluid and longitudinal ribs in a curved duct
Thermal characteristics of yttria stabilized zirconia nanolubricants
Heat transfer augmentation of magnetohydrodynamics natural convection in L-shaped cavities utilizing nanofluids

Different Topics in Energy Technologies

Original scientific papers discussing different topics in energy technologies
Turbulent mixed convection in asymmetrically heated vertical channel
Study on impact properties of creep-resistant steel thermally simulated heat affected zone
Closed vessel combustion modelling by using pressure-time evolution function derived from two-zonal approach
An experimental study on single basin solar still augmented with evacuated tubes
Heat transfer in a low latitude flat-plate solar collector
Heat transfer and flow region characteristics study in a non-annular channel between rotor and stator
Qualitative analysis of coal combusted in boilers of the thermal power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Effect of virtual mass force on prediction of pressure changes in condensing tubes

Open Forum

Papers aiming to open discussion on different topics related to thermal science.
Thermal impedance at the interface of contacting bodies: 1-D examples solved by semi-derivatives