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Issues Issue No. 3, Volume 22, 2018, Supplement Issue No. 3, Volume 22, 2018, Issue No. 4, Volume 22, 2018 are available for browsing content and downloading papers.


By decision of the Executive committee of Society of thermal engineers of Serbia, accepted on 1st June 2018, Dr. Vukman Bakić, scientific advisor, is elected as new Editor-in-chief of the journal Thermal Science.

Prof. Simeon Oka, being Editor-in-chief from 1994 up to now, will remain in an active role as Editor-in-chief emeritus, taking care mainly for scientific and publishing policy and international cooperation.


Decision of Editor-in-chief – January 2017

Based on the exclusive rights defined in EDITORIAL POLICY, Open access policy, Editor-in-chief accepts decision that Participation fee can be waived for members of the Editorial Boards of the journal THERMAL SCIENCE, once a year only if they are corresponding authors. Exclusively, if member of the Editorial Boards will submit paper in which he/she is the only author, Editor-in-chief may once more waive his/her Participation fee.

This decision is in power from 1st January 2017.

Prof. Dr. Simeon Oka
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