International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 22, year 2018, Issue 3]

Issue 3 - Papers Devoted to the Processes in Internal Combustion Engine and Transport Energy Efficiency
With deep regret we announce that our dear friend and colleague, Prof. Stojan Petrović, the member of our National Editorial Board and world reputed expert in the field of internal combustion engines passed away suddenly on July 4th, 2018, just after he had finished editing of No. 3, 2018, and written the preface for this issue.
National Editorial Board

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Preface from the editors

Original Scientific Papers

Papers devoted to the Processes in Internal Combustion Engine and Transport Energy Efficiency
Study on exergy analysis of a compressed air engine
Optimization of an irreversible Otto and Diesel cycles based on ecological function
Performance measurements on an experimental Otto/Diesel engine operating with different fuels
A method for quick estimation of engine moment of inertia based on an experimental analysis of transient working process
Numerical simulation of the nozzle and ejector effect on the performance of a pulse detonation engine
Investigation of effect of nozzle geometry on spray with a 3-D Eulerian-Lagrangian spray model coupled with the nozzle cavitating flow
Concept development and prediction of VCR engine performance using slider crank pin mechanism based on quasi-dimensional combustion modeling
Model based calibration for improving fuel economy of a turbocharged diesel engine
Slow Dynamic Slope method in internal combustion engine benchmarking
Combustion of different reactivity fuel mixture in a dual fuel engine
Late direct fuel injection for reduced combustion rates in a gasoline controlled auto-ignition engine
Performance investigation of compression ignition engine using empirical correlation for burning duration
Impact of the pre-chamber nozzle orifice configurations on combustion and performance of a Natural Gas Engine
Effects of ethanol addition on soot particles dynamic evolution in ethylene/air laminar premixed flame
A comparison study on the combustion and particulate emissions of 2,5-dimethylfuran/diesel and ethanol/diesel in a diesel engine
Effects of external cooled EGR on particle number emissions under cold and warm spark-ignition direct-injection engine conditions
The influence of hydrous ethanol gasoline on cycle-to-cycle variation of a spark ignition engine
Experimental aspects of hydrogen use at diesel engine by diesel gas method
The effects of small amount of hydrogen addition on performance and emissions of a direct injection compression ignition engine
Effect of hydrogen addition on combustion and emissions performance of a high speed spark ignited engine at idle condition
A comprehensive study on the effect of emulsification, solid nanoadditive and LPG dual fuel operation on engine behaviour of a WCO based compression ignition engine
Determination and introduction of the transport properties of soybean oil biodiesel in the computational fluid dynamics code OpenFOAM
Effect of piston bowl geometry and different injection pressure on the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of diesel engine using biodiesel blend
Laminar flame characteristcs of ethanol-air mixture: Experimental and simulation study
The effects of EGR and injection timing on the engine combustion and particulate matter emission performances fueled with diesel-ethanol blends
Investigation of the performance, combustion parameters and emissions analysis on DI engine using two staged distilled waste plastic oil-diesel blends
The effect of microalgae biodiesel on combustion, performance and emission characteristics of a diesel power generator
A fuel consumption model for public transportation with 3-D road geometry approach
Performance improvement potentials of low global warming potential refrigerants for intercity bus air conditioning system
Influence of an integrated maintenance management on the vehicle fleet energy efficiency
Vehicle fleet energy efficiency: Influence on overall vehicle effectiveness
A hybrid multi-criteria decision making model for the vehicle service center selection with the aim to increase the vehicle fleet energy efficiency