International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Issue 5]

Regular issue: 32 original scientific papers

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Natural convection air flow in vertical upright-angled triangular cavities under realistic thermal boundary conditions
An experimental investigation of solid oxide fuel cell performance at variable operating conditions
MHD two-phase fluid flow and heat transfer with partial slip in an inclined channel
Computational analysis of heat and mass transfer during microwave drying of timber
Analysis of the DPL bio-heat transfer equation with constant and time-dependent heat flux conditions on skin surface
On the compressibility effects in mixing layers
Steady interaction of a turbulent plane jet with a rectangular heated cavity
Analytical solution of conjugate turbulent forced convection boundary layer flow over plates
Numerical study of natural convection in a square cavity under non-boussinesq conditions
Heat transfer prediction in a shallow cavity effect of incoming flow characteristics
Effects of Brownian motion on freezing of PCM containing nanoparticles
Study of heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of air heat exchanger using PCM for free cooling applications
Correlations to predict thermal performance affected by working fluid’s properties of vertical and horizontal closed-loop pulsating heat pipe
An experimental investigation of the thermal performance of two-phase closed thermosyphon (TPCT) using zirconia (ZrO2/H2O) nanofluid
Numerical investigation of flow and thermal pattern in unbounded flow using nanofluid - Case study: Laminar 2-D plane jet
Thermal radiation effects on the onset of unsteadiness of fluid flow in vertical microchannel filled with highly absorbing medium
Mixed convection in an eccentric annulus filled by copper nanofluid
Artificial bee colony algorithm in the solution of selected inverse problem of the binary alloy solidification
Augmented of turbulent heat transfer in an annular pipe with abrupt expansion
Analytical modeling of multi-layered printed circuit board using multi-stacked via clusters as component heat spreader
Experimental study of a laminar premixed LFG/air flame in a slot burner using Mach-Zehnder interferometry
Experimental studies on the viscosity of Fe nanoparticles dispersed in ethylene glycol and water mixture
Influence of variable heat transfer coefficient of fireworks and crackers on thermal explosion critical ambient temperature and time to ignition
Experimental investigation of convective heat transfer enhancement using alumina/water and copper oxide/water nanofluids
Influence of material velocity on heat generation during linear welding stage of friction stir welding
Temperature and heat effects on polyethylene behaviour in the presence of imperfections
The oil - paper insulation reliability estimation of 420 kV transformer concerning thermal stresses during exploitation conditions
Numerical simulation of shock absorbers heat load for semi-active vehicle suspension system
Simulation of changes in temperature and pressure fields during high speed projectiles forming by explosion
Influence of combustion instabilities on the heater appliance with atmospheric gas burner and their elimination by cross flow of air
The analysis of impact of intensity of contact load and angular shaft speed on the heat generation within radial ball bearing

Book Review

Book Review
Book Review: Christo BOYADJIEV, Maria DOICHINOVA, Boyan BOYADJIEV, Petya POPOVA-KRUMOVA: Modeling of Column Apparatus Processes