International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 19, year 2015, Issue 1]

Regular Issue: 30 original scientific papers and two Open Forum contributions

Original Scientific Papers

Experimental study of operating range and radiation efficiency of a metal porous burner
Numerical study of flame structure in the mild combustion regime
Determination of detonation products equation of state from cylinder test: Analytical model and numerical analysis
Computational and experimental study on supersonic film cooling for liquid rocket nozzle applications
Steady state analysis of regular hollow pyramidal radiating fin with triangular cross-section
A theoretical analysis of local thermal equilibrium in fibrous materials
On heat conduction in periodically stratified composites with slant layering to boundaries
Second law analysis of laminar forced convection in a rotating curved duct
Performance improvement of double-tube gas cooler in CO2 refrigeration system using nanofluids
Mixed convection slip flow with temperature jump along a moving plate in presence of free stream
Numerical modeling of a turbulent semi-confined slot jet impinging on a concave surface
Turbulent heat transfer for impinging jet flowing inside a cylindrical hot cavity
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of turbulent natural convection in tall enclosures
Economic perspective of hybrid wind-diesel technology for commercial loads of Dhahran Saudi Arabia: A step towards sustainable future
Performance analysis of organic Rankine cycles using different working fluids
Energy analysis of Organic Rankine Cycles for biomass applications
Optimization of micro combined heat and power gas turbine by genetic algorithm
Mechanochemical production of lignin-containing powder fuels from biotechnical industry waste: A review
Investigation of the spraying mechanism and combustion of the suspended coal fuel
Ash fouling monitoring and key variables analysis for coal fired power plant boiler
A method to detect and control fully fluidized conical beds with a wide size distribution of particles in the vicinity of the minimum fluidization velocity
Numerical study of the spreading and solidification of a molten particle impacting onto a rigid substrate under plasma spraying conditions
Numerical research of heat and mass transfer during low-temperature ignition of a coal particle
Dioxin emissions from coal combustion in domestic stove: Formation in the chimney and coal chlorine content influence
Numerical simulation of gas-solid flow in an interconnected fluidized bed
Experimental facility for analysis of biomass combustion characteristics

Open Forum

On surface tension of a bubble under presence of electrostatic force