International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 16, year 2012, Supplement 2]

Issue devoted to the 50th Anniversary of one of the most distinguished faculties of mechanical engineering in Serbia – Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Niš, University of Niš, Serbia

Words from the Editors

From the Editor-in-Chief, issue 2012/1
From the Guest Editor: On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš

Original Scientific and Review Papers

Collection of original scientific and review papers
Rayleigh-Bénard convection instability in the presence of temperature variation at the lower wall
Active control of flow and heat transfer in boundary layer on the porous body of arbitrary shape
MHD effects on unstedy dynamic, thermal and diffusion boundary layer flow over a horizontal circular cylinder
Mhd flow and heat transfer of two immiscible fluids with induced magnetic field effects
Temperature based validation of the analytical model for the estimation of the amount of heat generated during friction stir welding
Experimental studies of parameters affecting the heat generation in friction stir welding process
Analysis of the heat affected zone in CO2 laser cutting of stainless steel
Analysis of the evaporative towers cooling system of a coal-fired power plant
Thermomechanical finite element analysis of hot water boiler structure
A new approach in CHP steam turbines thermodynamic cycles computations
Optimization of operation of energy supply systems with co-generation and absorption refrigeration
Primary energy savings using heat storage for biomass heating systems
Avoidable and unavoidable exergy destruction and exergoeconomic evaluation of the thermal processes in a real industrial plant
Thermal mass impact on energy performance of a low, medium and heavy mass building in Belgrade
Influence of glazing types and ventilation principles in double skin façades on delivered heating and cooling energy during heating season in an office building
Numerical simulation of concentrating solar collector P2CC with a small concentrating ratio
Hybrid soft computing control strategies for improving the energy capture of a wind farm
Determining the speed of sound, density and bulk modulus of rapeseed oil, biodiesel and diesel fuel
Thermal stability of crossed helical gears with wheels made from sintered steel
Numerical simulation of wall temperature on gas pipeline due to radiation of natural gas during combustion
Determination of averaged axisymmetric flow surfaces according to results obtained by numerical simulation of flow in turbomachinery
Low-pressure reversible axial fan with straight profile blades and relatively high efficiency
Low-pressure reversible axial fan designed with different specific work of elementary stages
Theoretical and experimental analysis of dynamic processes of pipe branch for supply water to the Pelton turbine
The Krafft temperature of surfactant solutions