International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 15, year 2011, Issue 4]

Issue dedicated to the recent research of processes in internal combustion engines.

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From the Editor-in-Chief: Preface to 2011/4
From the Guest Editor: Preface to 2011/4

Original Scientific and Review Papers

Papers covering a wide range of problems and processes from new thermodynamic cycles and thermodynamic optimization and CFD modeling up to new fuels, environmental impact and bio-fuels.
The possibilities for measurement and characterization of diesel engine fine particles: A review
Decreasing the emissions of a partially premixed gasoline fueled compression ignition engine by means of injection characteristics and EGR
Comparative thermodynamic analysis of dual cycle under alternative conditions
The realization and analysis of a new thermodynamic cycle for internal combustion engine
Optimal paths of piston motion of irreversible diesel cycle for minimum entropy generation
Finite time thermodynamic analysis and optimization of solar-dish Stirling heat engine with regenerative losses
Experimental study on waste heat recovery from an IC engine using thermoelectric technology
A parametric design of compact exhaust manifold junction in heavy duty diesel engine using CFD
Experimental verification of mathematical model of the heat transfer in exhaust system
Numerical investigation on the energetic performances of conventional and pellet aftertreatment systems in flow-through and reverse-flow designs
Some subtleties concerning fluid flow and turbulence modeling in 4.-valve engines
A comparative study of variant turbulence modeling in the physical behaviors of diesel spray combustion
Influence of geometric and hydro-dynamic parameters of injector on calculation of spray characteristics of diesel engines
Numerical studies of spray breakup in a gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine
Numerical investigation on the effect of injection pressure on the internal flow characteristics for diethyl ether, dimethyl ether and diesel fuel injectors using CFD
Development of a simulation model for compression ignition engine running with ignition improved blend
Hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas (HCNG): A futuristic fuel for internal combustion engines
Performance comparison between hydrogen and gasoline fuelled S.I. engine
The effect of supercharging on performance and emission characteristics of C.I. Engine with diesel-ethanol-ester blends
Effective utilization of B20 blend with diethyl ether and ethanol as oxygenated additives
Thevetia Peruviana biodiesel emulsion used as a fuel in a single cylinder diesel engine reduces NOx and smoke
Experimental investigation on a diesel engine using neem oil and its methyl ester
Combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fuelled with jatropha and diesel oil blends
Influence of hexanol-diesel blends on constant speed diesel engine