International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 22, year 2018, Issue 5]

Issue 5 - Energy Systems, Multiphase Flows and Sustainable Combustion Technologies, Selected papers from 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems (SDEWES 2017), Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Preface from the Guest Editors

Selected Papers

Selected papers from 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems
A review on thermoelectric-hydraulic performance and heat transfer enhancement technologies of thermoelectric power generator system
A review of multiphase flow and deposition effects in film-cooled gas turbines
Effect of combined hole configuration on film cooling with and without mist injection
Effect of spherical blockage configurations on film cooling
Numerical investigation of the transient spray cooling process for quenching applications
Numerical model for non-Darcy flow through coarse porous media using the moving particle simulation method
Analysis of smoke stratification and smoke layer thickness in underground car parks
Comparative study of heat and fluid flow characteristics of parallel and offset strip fin micro-channels using CFD simulations
Numerical simulation and circuit network modelling of flow distributions in 2-D array configurations
Energy analysis of heat exchanger in a heat exchanger network
Influence of high compression ratio and excess air ratio on performance and emissions of natural gas fuelled spark ignition engine
Characterisation of the combustion process in the spark ignition and homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Simultaneous particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emission reduction through enhanced charge homogenization in diesel engines
Preliminary study on the performance of biomorphic silicon carbide as substrate for diesel particulate filters
Particulate matter emission from a heavy duty diesel engine with three binary blends
On the laminar combustion characteristics of natural gas-syngas-air mixtures
Exergy efficiency analysis of lignite-fired steam generator
Numerical study on characteristics of combustion and pollutant formation in a reheating furnace
Modelling study on the effect of ash fusion characteristics on the biomass slagging behavior
Energy optimisation of vertical shaft kiln operation in the process of dolomite calcination
Subcritical organic ranking cycle based geothermal power plant thermodynamic and economic analysis
A solar air-cooled high efficiency absorption system in dry hot climates: Reduction of water consumption and environmental impact
Solar thermal and wind energy applications: Case study of a small Spanish village
Assessment of thermal comfort preferences in Mediterranean climate: A university office building case
Operational optimisation of a heat pump system with sensible thermal energy storage using genetic algorithm
A comparative study of industrial heat supply based on second-law analysis and operating costs
Natural gas turbo-expander systems: A dynamic simulation model for energy and economic analyses
A hybrid energy storage concept for future application in industrial processes
Effect of the collector geometry in the concentrating photovoltaic thermal solar cell performance
The importance of the capacity building for implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions
Important note: Research in entropy wonderland a review of the entropy concept