International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 19, year 2015, Supplement 1]

Special Issue on the Occasion of 60th Anniversary of Professor Jordan Yankov Hristov dedicated to Non-Linear Diffusion Models in Heat and Mass Transfer

Words from the Editors

Words from the editors on the on the 60th Anniversary of Professor Jordan Yankov Hristov
From the Editor-in-Chief
On the 60th Anniversary of Professor Jordan Yankov Hristov

Part I

Fractional differentiation and its applications
Solutions for a fractional diffusion equation with radial symmetry and integro-differential boundary conditions
Numerical analysis of time fractional three dimensional diffusion equation
Extension of fragmentation process in a kinetic-diffusive-wave system
A new numerical technique for solving fractional sub-diffusion and reaction sub-diffusion equations with a non-linear source term
Reconstruction of the boundary condition for the heat conduction equation of fractional order
On two exact solutions of time fractional heat equations using different transforms
Solution for a system of fractional heat equations of nanofluid along a wedge
Implicit local radial basis function method for solving two-dimensional time fractional diffusion equations
Solutions of fractional diffusion equations by variation of parameters method
Solving the time-fractional diffusion equation using a lie group integrator
Time-fractional free convection flow near a vertical plate with Newtonian heating and mass diffusion

Part II

Fractal and local fractional calculus
A novel schedule for solving the two-dimensional diffusion problem in fractal heat transfer
A new iteration algorithm for solving the diffusion problem in non-differentiable heat transfer
The diffusion model of fractal heat and mass transfer in fluidized bed a local fractional arbitrary Euler-Lagrange formula
A new computational method for the one-dimensional diffusion problem with the diffusive parameter variable in fractal media
A decomposition method for solving diffusion equations via local fractional time derivative
Local fractional Laplace series expansion method for diffusion equation arising in fractal heat transfer
Adomian decomposition method for three-dimensional diffusion model in fractal heat transfer involving local fractional derivatives
A new coupling schedule for series expansion method and Sumudu transform with an applications to diffusion equation in fractal heat transfer
Observing diffusion problems defined on cantor sets in different coordinate systems

Part III

“Classical” topics
Study on the model of contaminant ions reaction and diffusion near wellbore
Laplace variational iteration method for the two-dimensional diffusion equation in homogeneous materials
Entropy generation analysis of the revised Cheng-Minkowycz problem for natural convective boundary layer flow of nanofluid in a porous medium
One-dimensional heat conduction equation of the polar bear hair
Rotating MHD flow of a generalized burgers’ fluid over an oscillating plate embedded in a porous medium
On the study of viscous fluid due to exponentially shrinking sheet in the presence of thermal radiation
Irreversibility analysis of magneto-hydrodynamic nanofluid flow injected through a rotary disk
Experimental verification of approximate solution of the inverse Stefan problem obtained by applying the invasive weed optimization algorithm
Experimental and numerical investigation of thermal performance of channels with staggered array-based dimples
Numerical investigation of heat transfer performance of synthetic jet impingement onto dimpled/protrusioned surface
Solution of diffusion equation with local derivative with new parameter
Unsteady boundary layer flow and heat transfer of Oldroyd-B nanofluid towards a stretching sheet with variable thermal conductivity
A new numerical investigation of some thermo-physical properties on unsteady MHD non-Darcian flow past an impulsively started vertical surface