International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 19, year 2015, Issue 6]

Regular issue devoted to processes in internal combustion engines

From the Editor-in-Chief

Introductory from the Editor-in-Chief
From the Editor-in-Chief

Part 1

Research and modelling of the base processes in internal combustion engines
Effects of ethanol added fuel on exhaust emissions and combustion in a premixed charge compression ignition diesel engine
Effects of intake air temperature on homogenous charge compression ignition combustion and emissions with gasoline and n-heptane
Study on biodiesel heat transfer through self-temperature limit injector during vehicle cold start
Spark ignition engine performance and emissions in a high compression engine using biogas and methane mixtures without knock occurrence
Effects of bioethanol ultrasonic generated aerosols application on diesel engine performances
Chemiluminescence analysis of the effect of butanol-diesel fuel blends on the spray-combustion process in an experimental common rail diesel engine
Aspects of the bioethanol use at the turbocharged spark ignition engine
Experimental investigation of evaporation rate and emission studies of diesel engine fuelled with blends of used vegetable oil biodiesel and producer gas
The effect of various vegetable oils on pollutant emissions of biodiesel blends with gasoil in a furnace
Simulation of performance and nitrogen oxide formation of a hydrogen-enriched diesel engine with the steam injection method
Experimental investigations of effects of cooling/non cooling of EGR on two level of compression ratio in a common rail diesel engine
Effect of nozzle hole size coupling with exhaust gas re-circulation on the engine emission perfomance based on KH-ACT spray model
Investigation of diesel engine for low exhaust emissions with different combustion chambers
Study on diesel cylinder-head cooling using nanofluid coolant with jet impingement
Heat transfer enhancement of car radiator using aqua based magnesium oxide nanofluids
Experimental investigation of an improved exhaust recovery system for liquid petroleum gas fueled spark ignition engine
Modeling and control of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with the air compressor according to requested electrical current
Urban transport energy consumption: Belgrade case study
Measurements and modeling pollution from traffic in a street canyon: Assessing and ranking the influences
Experimental investigation of thrust augmentation by ejectors on a pulse detonation engine

Part 2

Combustion processes of different fuels in different ambient conditions and geometries
Interaction of a hot jet with two cold side jets
Numerical study to invistigate the effect of inlet gas velocity and Reynolds number on bubble formation in a viscous liquid
Cross and clover shaped orifice jets analysis at low Reynolds number
Inversion of particle size distribution by spectral extinction technique using the attractive and repulsive particle swarm optimization algorithm
Experimental study of the effects of swirl and air dilution on biogas non-premixed flame stability
Numerical study of the combustion of conventional and biofuels using reduced and advanced reaction mechanisms
Design and working performance study of a novel micro parallel plate combustor with two nozzles for micro thermophotovotaic system
Numerical investigation of a three-dimensional disc-pad model with and without thermal effects
Elastoplastic finite element analysis for wet multidisc brake during lasting braking
Experimental study of developing turbulent flow and heat transfer in ribbed convergent/divergent rectangular ducts

Part 3

Energy Efficiency in Transport (selected papers from International Symposium on Thermal Science and Engineering of Serbia - SIMTERM 2015)
Energy efficiency of different bus subsystems in Belgrade public transport
Influence of high injection pressure on fuel injection perfomances and diesel engine worcking process
The characteristics of combustion process of diesel engine using vegetable oil methyl esters