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Biodiesel is one of the promising renewable, alternative and environmentally friendly biofuels that can be used in diesel engine with little or no modification in the engine. The present paper investigates the combustion characteristics of single cylinder, naturally aspirated, air cooled, DI diesel engine fuelled with pure (100%) methyl ester of rapeseed oil (RME), comparing to the corresponding characteristics when it was driven by diesel fuel. Combustion process analysis was done on relatively low load level that corresponds to the mean effective pressure of three bars and at constant engine speed for both fuels. It was also concluded that the test engine can operate without problems, both with that fuel and with a lot of other biofuels and their mixtures that were used during long laboratory research.
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2015, VOLUME 19, ISSUE Issue 6, PAGES [2255 - 2263]
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