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Thermal Science Archive [volume 19, year 2015, Issue 5]

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Original Scientific Papers

Analytical and semi-analytical models of conduction controlled rewetting: A state of the art review
A study of sensing heat flow through thermal walls by using thermoelectric module
Modelling laminar transport phenomena in a Casson rheological fluid from an isothermal sphere with partial slip
Ranz and Marshall correlations limits on heat flow between a sphere and its surrounding gas at high temperature
Numerical study of heat and mass transfer during evaporation of a turbulent binary liquid film
Influence of radiative heat and mass transfer mechanism in system water droplet-high-temperature gases on integral characteristics of liquid evaporation
Viscous dissipation effect on the flow of a thermodependent Herschel-Bulkley fluid
Free convection limit to heat transfer from heatsinks with square fins on a horizontal base: Comparison with cylindrical fins
Numerical study of mixed convection heat transfer in lid-driven cavity utilizing nanofluid: Effect of type and model of nanofluid
The effect of thermal radiation, heat generation and suction/injection on the mechanical properties of unsteady continuous moving cylinder in a nanofluid
The unsteady flow of a nanofluid in the stagnation point region of a time-dependent rotating sphere
Enhancement of heat transfer coefficient multi-metallic nanofluid with ANFIS modeling for thermophysical properties
Effects of circular corners and aspect-ratio on entropy generation due to natural convection of nanofluid flows in rectangular cavities
Effects of Reynolds number, baffle angle, and baffle distance on three-dimensional turbulent flow and heat transfer in a circular pipe
Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy interference system models for prediction of forest fires in the usa on the basis of solar activity
The use of paraffin wax in a new solar cooker with inner and outer reflectors
Efficiency of liquid flat-plate solar energy collector with solar tracking system
Heat pipe heat exchanger and its potential to energy recovery in the tropics
An experimental investigation of performance of a double pass solar air heater with thermal storage medium
Thermodynamical research of using solar energy for desalination of seawater
Transient and cyclic effects on a PCM-cooled mobile device
Melting of a phase change material in a horizontal annulus with discrete heat sources
A new approach for the column apparatuses modeling in chemical and power engineering
Unsteady mixed convection in a porous media filled lid-driven cavity heated by a semi-circular heaters
Condensation inside smooth horizontal tubes: Part 1. Survey of the methods of heat-exchange prediction
An experimental study on two-phase pressure drop in small diameter horizontal, downward inclined and vertical tubes
Numerical study of heat and mass transfer during evaporation of a thin liquid film
A feasibility analysis of replacing the standard ammonia refrigeration device with the cascade NH3/CO2 refrigeration device in the food industry
Effects of operation temperature on thermal expansion and main parameters of radial ball bearings
Impact of fuel quality and burner capacity on the performance of wood pellet stove

Open forum

On the fractal heat transfer problems with local fractional calculus


Erratum!- in paper volume 19, Supplement 1, Year 2015, pp. S109-S115, DOI:10.2298/TSCI15S1S09C

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