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Thermal Science Archive [volume 18, year 2014, Issue 1]

27 original scientific papers dedicated to the research in the field of internal combustion engines.

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Original Scientific Papers

27 papers dedicated to the research in the field of internal combustion engines, with special attention to the global problems facing our planet and sustainability.
Development of a two zone turbulence model and its application to the cycle-simulation
Turbulence-combustion interaction in direct injection diesel engine
A comprehensive numerical study of the ethanol blended fuel effect on the performance and pollutant emissions in spark-ignition engine
Numerical investigation of natural gas direct injection properties and mixture formation in a spark ignition engine
Three dimensional modeling of combustion process and emission formation in a low heat rejection indirect injection diesel engine
A numerical study of the effects of injection rate shape on combustion and emission of diesel engines
Numerical study of effects of the intermediates and initial conditions on flame propagation in a real homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Investigation on effect of equivalence ratio and engine speed on homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion using chemistry based CFD code
Possibilities to identify engine combustion model parameters by analysis of the instantaneous crankshaft angular speed
Efficiency of a new internal combustion engine concept with variable piston motion
Analysis of combustion performance and emission of extended expansion cycle and iEGR for low heat rejection turbocharged direct injection diesel engines
Impact of physical properties of mixture of diesel and biodiesel fuels on hydrodynamic characteristics of fuel injection system
Modelling the effect of injection pressure on heat release parameters and nitrogen oxides in direct injection diesel engines
Optimisation of the 2.2 liter high speed diesel engine for proposed Bharat stage 5 emission norms in India
Prediction of cold start hydrocarbon emissions of air cooled two wheeler spark ignition engines by simple fuzzy logic simulation
Experimental and regression analysis for multi cylinder diesel engine operated with hybrid fuel blends
Generator gas as a fuel to power a diesel engine
The effects of ethanol addition with waste pork lard methyl ester on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a diesel engine
The determination of optimum injection pressure in an engine fuelled with soybean biodiesel/diesel blend
An investigation of effect of biodiesel and aviation fuel jeta-1 mixtures performance and emissions on diesel engine
Experimental investigations of a single cylinder genset engine with common rail fuel injection system
Effectiveness of oxygen enriched hydrogen-HHO gas addition on DI diesel engine performance, emission and combustion characteristics
Emission characteristics of iso-propanol/gasoline blends in a spark-ignition engine combined with exhaust gas re-circulation
Research of combustion in older generation spark-ignition engines in the condition of use leaded and unleaded petrol
An experiment study of homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion and emission in a gasoline engine
The assessment of pollutants emissions within sustainable urban freight transport development: The case of Novi Sad
Assessing the impact of transport policy instruments on road haulage energy efficiency