International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 14, year 2010, Issue 4]

Most of the papers from this issue are devoted or related to the thermal processes in internal combustion engines and are grouped in Part One. Part two contains selected papers dealing with problems in fluid dynamic and heat transfer of possible interest in design of the internal combustion engines.

Words From the Editors

From the Editor-in-Chief, issue 2010/4

Original Scientific Papers

Papers devoted to the thermal processes in internal combustion engines
Energy efficiency as a criterion in the vehicle fleet management process
Work output and efficiency of a reversible quantum Otto cycle
Finite time thermodynamic modeling and analysis for an irreversible Atkinson cycle
Heat recovery from a natural gas powered internal combustion engine by CO2 transcritical power cycle
Conversion of diesel engine into spark ignition engine to work with CNG and LPG fuels for meeting new emission norms
Performance, emission, and combustion characteristics of a CI engine using liquid petroleum gas and neem oil in dual fuel mode
Cold start characteristics study based on real time no emissions in an LPG SI engine
Analysis of internal combustion engine with a new concept of porous medium combustion for the future clean engine
The effect of karanja oil methyl ester on Kirloskar HA394DI diesel engine performance and exhaust emissions
Combustion characteristics of diesel engine operating on jatropha oil methyl ester
Performance analysis of 1,4 dioxane-ethanol-diesel blends on diesel engines with and without thermal barrier coating
Theoretical and experimental validation of hydrogen fueled spark ignition engine
Combustion simulation in a spark ignition engine cylinder: Effects of air-fuel ratio on the combustion duration
Developing of a new comprehensive spark ignition engines code for heat loss analysis within combustion chamber walls
IC engine supercharging and exhaust gas recirculation using jet compressor
Numerical investigation of the effect of fuel injection mode on spray/wall interaction and emission formation in a direct injection diesel engine at full load state
Effect of injector opening pressures on the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of DI diesel engine running on honne oil and diesel fuel blend
Benefits and challenges of variable compression ratio at diesel engines

Part two

Selection of papers dealing with problems in fluid dynamic and heat transfer of possible interest in design of the internal combustion engines
Constructal entransy dissipation minimization for “volume-point” heat conduction based on triangular element
Thermal and aerodynamic performances of the supersonic motion
Numerical analysis of forth-order boundary value problems in fluid mechanics and mathematics
Effect of variable viscosity and suction/injection on thermal boundary layer of a non-newtonian power-law fluids past a power-law stretched surface
An experimental analysis of the effect of refrigerant charge level and outdoor condition on a window air conditioner