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Thermal Science Archive [volume 23, year 2019, Supplement 4]

Supplement 4: Numerical Methods for Thermal Science and Engineering with selected papers presented at 11th International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, held in Kraków, Poland, from 28.05 – 1.06, 2018

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Selected Papers

Numerical Methods for Thermal Science and Engineering with selected papers presented at 11th International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer
Utilization of the lateral accelerated cross-wind to improve the cooling performance of a natural draft dry cooling tower
Determination of distribution of heat-conducting material concentration in protective layer of thermal protection system panel
How the urban environment affects the microclimate and the building energy demand for the City of Rome
Experimental and numerical analysis of forced convection in a twisted tube
Experimental and numerical investigation of thermal field for a motor and related factors sensitivities using combined CFD-Taguchi method
Performance of thermal insulation fabricated by rapid prototyping technology
Analysis of temperature drops on the wall thickness of a supercritical boiler water-wall tube
Increase of thermal efficiency of cogeneration plant by waste heat utilisation with absorption heat pump
Verification of applicability of the two-equation turbulence models for temperature distribution in transitional flow in an elliptical tube
An improved algebraic model for by-pass transition for calculation of transitional flow in pipe and parallel-plate channels
Computational fluid dynamic analysis and validation of the single stage low pressure rotary lobe compressed air expander
Numerical studies on capability to focus solar radiation with mirrors of different curvatures
Experimental determination of the heat transfer coefficient in internally rifled tubes
Analysis of the temperature, humidity, and total efficiency of the air handling unit with a periodic counterflow heat exchanger
Thermodynamic analysis of high temperature nuclear reactor coupled with advanced gas turbine combined cycle
Impact of dust and temperature on energy conversion process in photovoltaic module
The research of the thermal and mechanical properties of materials produced by 3D printing method
Cenospheric and sand fluidized bed as an environment for waste rubber combustion-comparisons of decomposition dynamics and flue gas emission
Catalytic oxidation of methanol in the cenospheric fluidized bed
Numerical study on dynamic wettability of micro-structure surface
Air forced convection over a two-sided plate extended by rectangular hollow blocks
An improved method for flow boiling heat transfer with account of the reduced pressure effect
One mathematical model of thermal conductivity for materials with a granular structure
Investigation of forced convective heat transfer from a block located staggered cavity with parallel and anti-parallel wall motion
On-line monitoring of the fouling of the boiler heating surfaces
Heat loss analysis of three coil cylindrical solar cavity receiver of parabolic dish for process heat
Simulation of the operation of the car radiator with a laminar, transitional, and turbulent regime of liquid flow in the tubes
Heat transfer coefficient in elliptical tube at the constant heat flux
Analysis of thermal flow in waterwall tubes of the combustion chamber depending on the fluid parameters
The influence of compaction and saturation on the compressibility of colliery waste
The analysis of a jet structure inside a reverse chamber
Numerical investigation of heat transfer from flow over square cylinder placed in a confined channel using Cu-water nanofluid
Study on thermal insulation of liquefied natural gas cryogenic road tanker
Parametric study of non-evaporative spray cooling on aluminum plate: Simulation and analysis