International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Supplement 1]

Special Issue on the Occasion of 80th Anniversary of Professor Simeon N. Oka

Word of the President of the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia

Word of the President of the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia
Word of the President of the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia

From the Guest Editors

Words from the Guest Editors
From The Guest Editors: Prof. Dr. Simeon Oka: 80th Anniversary

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Developments in fluidized bed conversion of solid fuels
Helium production technology based on natural gas combustion and beneficial use of thermal energy
The use of mechanically activated micronized coal in thermal power engineering
Features of heat transfer at interaction of an impact swirl jet with a dimple
A computational study of heat transfer under twin turbulent slot jets impinging on planar smooth and rough surfaces
Process modelling and techno-economic analysis of natural gas combined cycle integrated with calcium looping
Long-term predictions of the energy development - possibilities and challenges
Optimal usage of biomass for energy purposes toward sustainable development - a case of Macedonia
Relaminarization of wall turbulence by high-pressure ramps at low Reynolds numbers
Experimental research of the influence of particle size and fluidization velocity on zeolite drying in a two-component fluidized bed
Numerical prediction of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer coefficient under high heat fluxes
Three phase Eulerian-granular model applied on numerical simulation of non-conventional liquid fuels combustion in a bubbling fluidized bed
Experimental and numerical study on combustion of baled biomass in cigar burners and effects of flue gas re-circulation
Fluid bed drying as upgrading technology for feasible treatment of Kolubara lignite
Modeling and optimization of processes for clean and efficient pulverized coal combustion in utility boilers
Influence of the gray gases number in the weighted sum of gray gases model on the radiative heat exchange calculation inside pulverized coal-fired furnaces
Novel fragmentation model for pulverized coal particles gasification in low temperature air thermal plasma
New non-orthogonality treatment for atmospheric boundary layer flow simulation above highly non-uniform terrains
Assessment results of fluid-structure interaction numerical simulation using fuzzy logic
Heat transfer enhancement through PCM thermal storage by use of copper fins
Techno-economic analysis of stand-alone photovoltaic/wind/battery/hydrogen systems for very small-scale applications
Experimental and simulation testing of thermal loading in the jet tabs of a thrust vector control system
CFD simulations of thermal comfort in naturally ventilated primary school classrooms
Impact of CO2 concentration on indoor air quality and correlation with relative humidity and indoor air temperature in school buildings in Serbia
Different heating systems for single family house: Energy and economic analysis
Development of a single-sided guarded hot plate apparatus for thermal conductivity measurements