International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Issue 4]

Issue containing, in part, selection of papers from the 9th SDEWES Dubrovnik Conference

From the Editor-in-Chief

Introductory words from the Editor-In-Chief
From the Editor-in-Chief

From the Guest Editors of Part One

Introductory words from the Guest Editors of Part One on selected papers from the 9th SDEWES Dubrovnik Conference
(2016/4) From the Guest editors of Part one: ENERGY TRANSITION IN SOUTH EAST AND CENTRAL EUROPE

Part one

Selected papers from the 9th SDEWES Dubrovnik Conference
The role of biomass to replace fossil fuels in a regional energy system: The case of west Sweden
Integrating sustainable energy action plans for island municipalities: Case study of Korcula
Evaluation of integration of solar energy into the district heating system of the city of Velika Gorica
Geothermal heat potential - the source for heating greenhouses in Southestern Europe
Linear correlation and regression between the meteorological data and the electricity demand of the Dubrovnik region in a short-term scale
Energy management strategies for combined heat and electric power micro-grid
Influence of legislative conditioned changes in waste management on economic viability of MSW-fuelled district heating system: Case study
A dynamic model of an innovative high-temperature solar heating and cooling system
Campus and community micro grids integration of building integrated photovoltaic renewable energy sources: Case study of Split 3 area, Croatia - part A
Energy, exergy and environmental quality of hard coal and natural gas in whole life cycle concerning home heating
Increasing flexibility of coal power plant by control system modifications
Concept of co-firing coal with biomass and natural gas: On track of sustainable solution for future thermal power plants
Influence of geological variations on lignite drying kinetics in superheated steam atmosphere for Belchatow deposit located in the central Poland
Application of stereology for two-phase flow structure validation in fluidized bed reactors
Pyrolysis as a key process in biomass combustion and thermochemical conversion
Modeling of biofuel pellets torrefaction in a realistic geometry
Preliminary design and modelling of a gas-fired thermoelectric generator
Numerical investigation of an R744 liquid ejector for supermarket refrigeration systems

Part two

Original scientific papers
Co-generation potentials of municipal solid waste landfills in Serbia
Impact assessment of concentrate recirculation on the landfill gas production
Rising public awareness of energy efficiency of buildings enhanced by “smart” controls of the in-door environment
Multistage ensemble of feedforward neural networks for prediction of heating energy consumption
Electricity production from biogas in Serbia: Assessment of emissions reduction
Performance analysis of system heat pump - heat recuperator used for air treatment in process industry
Application and design of an economizer for waste heat recovery in a cogeneration plant
Restoration and conversion to re-use of historic buildings incorporating increased energy efficiency: A case study - the Haybarn complex, Hilandar Monastery, Mount Athos
Electrical energy generation with differently oriented photovoltaic modules as façade elements
Design, simulation and optimization of a solar dish collector with spiral-coil thermal absorber
Efficiency increase in ship's primal energy system using a multistage compression with intercooling