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Thermal Science Archive [volume 18, year 2014, Issue 3]

Special issue with selected papers from 8th SDEWES Dubrovnik Conference, selected papers 16th SIMTERM Sokobanja Simposium and three Open Forum papers

Words From the Editors

Words From the Guest Editors and Editor in Chief
From the Editor in Chief
From the Guest editor of Part two

Part One

Selected papers from the 8th SDEWES Dubrovnik Conference
Assessment of the turkey’s electric power policies in terms of sustainability
Electrifying Greece with solar and wind energy
Exploring the impact of reduced hydro capacity and lignite resources on the Macedonian power sector development
Croatia's rural areas - renewable energy based electricity generation for isolated grids
Integrating the flexibility of the average Serbian consumer as a virtual storage option into the planning of energy systems
Mechanisms for efficient investments and optimal zones in regional power market
Effects of climate change on regional energy systems focussing on space heating and cooling: A case study of Austria
Evaluation of the climate change effects to the precipitation patterns in the selected Bosnia and Herzegovina cities
Characteristics of basin inflows a statistical analysis for long-term/mid-term hydrothermal scheduling
Optimal design of compact organic Rankine cycle units for domestic solar applications
The calculation of specific heats for some important solid components in hydrogen production process based on CuCl cycle
Pyrolysis kinetics and thermal decomposition behavior of polycarbonate - a TGA-FTIR study
Detailed analysis of the effect of the turbine and compressor isentropic efficiency on the thermal and exergy efficiency of a Brayton cycle
An experimental investigation on air-side performances of finned tube heat exchangers for indirect air-cooling tower
Lab-scale investigation of Middle-Bosnia coals to achieve high-efficient and clean combustion technology
Relation between indoor thermal environment and renovation in liege residential buildings
Comparative analyses of built environment exposures relevant to health of greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies in Serbia
Measurement and improvement of indoor air quality in an information technology classroom
Comparative thermal performance of static sunshade and brick cavity wall for energy efficient building envelope in composite climate
Sustainable port infrastructure, practical implementation of the green port concept

Part Two

Selected papers from the 16th SIMTERM Sokobanja Simposium
Intelligent optimal control of thermal vision-based Person-Following Robot Platform
The effect of architectural façade design on energy savings in the student dormitory
Optical modeling of a solar dish thermal concentrator based on square flat facets
Mathematical modelling and simulation of the thermal performance of a solar heated indoor swimming pool
Thermally activated building systems in context of increasing building energy efficiency
Flow and heat transfer of three immiscible fluids in the presence of uniform magnetic field

Open Forum

Open forum discussion papers
Comments on "Effects of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on unsteady MHD flow of non-Newtonian fluid over a stretching porous sheet", by Gamal M. Abdel-Rahman [Thermal science: year 2013, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 1035-1047]
Variational principle for unsteady heat conduction equation
Effect of temperature on non-linear dynamical property of stuffer box crimping and bubble electrospinning