International Scientific Journal

VOLUME 18 - YEAR 2014

27 original scientific papers dedicated to the research in the field of internal combustion engines.
30 original scientific papers and Open Forum topics
Special issue with selected papers from 8th SDEWES Dubrovnik Conference, selected papers 16th SIMTERM Sokobanja Simposium and three Open Forum papers
Regular issue: 30 original scientific papers and Open Forum Topic, with Remembrance to Academician S. S. Kutateladze
61 scientific paper on the subjects of Nanothermodynamics in nanomaterials, Environmental sciences, Energy and collection of Short Papers
This special issue contains 28 papers, mostly based on scientific research performed by professors and doctoral students from Universities and Institutes from Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia as well as papers written by researchers from Slovenia, Spain, India and Malaysia.
Use of solar energy – technologies, processes, and problems; Flow and heat transfer in magnetohydrodynamic devices and electro-conducting fluids; Open Forum