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Thermal Science Archive [volume 18, year 2014, Supplement 1]

This special issue contains 28 papers, mostly based on scientific research performed by professors and doctoral students from Universities and Institutes from Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia as well as papers written by researchers from Slovenia, Spain, India and Malaysia.

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Words from the Editors of this issue
From the Guest editor (2014/Supplement 1)

Original Scientific Papers

29 original scientific papers
Solar energy contribution to the energy demand for air conditioning system in an office building under Tripoli climate conditions
Influence of friction stir welding parameters on properties of 2024 T3 aluminium alloy joints
Experimental and numerical thermo-mechanical analysis of friction stir welding of high-strength alluminium alloy
Dynamic temperature field in the ferromagnetic plate induced by moving high frequency inductor
Modeling of the buckstay system of membrane-walls in watertube boiler construction
The initial analysis of the river Ibar temperature downstream of the lake Gazivode
Steady thermal stress and strain rates in a circular cylinder with non-homogeneous compressibility subjected to thermal load
Steady thermal stress and strain rates in a rotating circular cylinder under steady state temperature
Fracture mechanics analysis of damaged turbine rotor discs using finite element method
Numerical analysis of temperature field during hardfacing process and comparison with experimental results
Remaining life assessment of a high pressure turbine casing in creep and low cycle service regime
Numerical aspects for efficient welding computational mechanics
Calculation of t8/5 by response surface methodology for electric arc welding applications
A numerical creep analysis on the interastion of twin parallel edge cracks in finite width plate under tension
Interfacial crack behavior in the stationary temperature field conditions
Finite element modelling of creep process - steady state stresses and strains
Conduction and convection heat transfer characteristics of water-based au nanofluids in a square cavity with differentially heated side walls subjected to constant temperatures
Effect of thermal energy storage in energy consumption required for air conditioning system in office building under the African Mediterranean climate
Thermomechanics of soft inelastics bodies with application to asphalt behavior
Determining the theoretical reliability function of thermal power system using simple and complex Weibull distribution
Modeling of thermoelectric module operation in inhomogeneous transient temperature field using finite element method
Thermal manifestations and nanoindentation of bone cements for orthopaedic surgery
Cutting temperature measurement and material machinability
Development of temperature statistical model when machining of aerospace alloy materials