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Thermal Science Archive [volume 18, year 2014, Issue 2]

30 original scientific papers and Open Forum topics

In Memoriam

In Memoriam Dr. Novak Zuber (1922-2013)
In Memoriam Dr. Novak Zuber (1922-2013)

Original Scientific Papers

29 original scientific papers
Bejan’s Constructal theory and overall performance assessment: The global optimization for heat exchanging finned modules
Squeezed flow and heat transfer in a second grade fluid over a sensor surface
Doubly stratified effects in a free convective flow over a vertical plate with heat and mass transfer
Effects of an adiabatic fin on the mixed convection heat transfer in a square cavity with two ventilation ports
Homotopy perturbation method for a Stefan problem with variable latent heat
Analytical treatment of transient temperature and thermal stress distribution in CW end pumped laser rod: Thermal response optimization study
Analytical investigation of nonlinear model arising in heat transfer through the porous fin
Turbulence and pressure drop behaviors around semicircular ribs in a rectangular channel
Two dominant analytical methods for thermal analysis of convective step fin with variable thermal conductivity
Experimental study of the convective heat transfer coefficient in a packed bed at low Reynolds numbers
Numerical study of flow and heat transfer in differentially heated enclosures
Flow and heat transfer characteristics around an elliptic cylinder placed in front of a curved plate
Numerical investigation of entropy generation in laminar forced convection flow over inclined backward and forward facing steps in a duct under bleeding condition
Numerical analysis of axisymmetric turbulent swirling flow in circular pipe
Numerical investigation of operating pressure effects on the performance of a vortex tube
Experimental study on two-phase pressure drop of air-water in small diameter tubes at horizontal orientation
High efficiency nanofluid cooling system for wind turbines
The characteristic length on natural convection from a horizontal heated plate facing downwards
Performance assessment of a solar assisted desiccant cooling system
Design and construction of a low capacity pump-less absorption system
Equilibrium acoustic velocity in vapor-liquid mixture in layer of spherical particles
On a linear fire detection using coaxial cables
Energy efficiency of industrially made buildings influenced by thermal properties of façades
Opportunities of solid renewable fuels for (co-)combustion with coal in power plants in Serbia
Numerical investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics on the aerodynamics of ventilated disc brake rotor using CFD

Open Forum

Open forum discussion papers
Initial boundary value problem for fractal heat equation in the semi-infinite region by Yang-Laplace transform