International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 17, year 2013, Issue 4]

Regular Issue with 24 original scientific papers and 3 "Open Forum" discussions

Original Scientific Papers

Original scientific papers
Woody biomass consumption in Montenegro and its contribution to the realization of the national 2020 renewable energy target
An implementation of infrared thermography in maintenance plans within a world class manufacturing strategy
Numerical model to optimize the refrigerant charge for maximum refrigeration capacity
Fractional magnetohydrodynamics Oldroyd-B fluid over an oscillating plate
Design of a vertical annulus with MHD flow using entropy generation analysis
Unsteady mixed convection flow from a slender cylinder due to impulsive change in wall velocity and temperature
Effects of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on unsteady MHD flow of non-Newtonian fluid over a stretching porous sheet
Analytical solution to convection-radiation of a continuously moving fin with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
An empirical correlation for isothermal parallel plate channel completely filled with porous media
Dynamics of thermal and moistening fronts in porous material under capillary moistening
The second law analysis of natural gas behavior within a vortex tube
Nusselt number evaluation for combined radiative and convective heat transfer in flow of gaseous products from combustion
Impact of inlet fogging and fuels on power and efficiency of gas turbine plants
Enhancement in thermal and mechanical properties of bricks
Computational fluid dynamics analysis on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of a turbulent flow for internally grooved tubes
Influences of hydrodynamic conditions, nozzle geometry on appearance of high submerged cavitating jets
Appearance of high submerged cavitating jet: The cavitation phenomenon and sono luminescence
Numerical simulation of non-conventional liquid fuels feeding in a bubbling fluidized bed combustor
Exergetic analysis of an aircraft turbojet engine with an afterburner
Heat transfer in a channel with inclined target surface cooled by single array of centered impinging jets
Numerical study of turbulent normal diffusion flame CH4-air stabilized by coaxial burner
A semi-analytical model for the prediction of the behavior of turbulent coaxial gaseous jets
Extended semi-analytical model for the prediction of flow and concentration fields in a tangentially-fired furnace

Open Forum

Open forum discussion papers
Hagen number versus Bejan number
Determination of gas temperature in the plasmatron channel according to the known distribution of electronic temperature
Evaluate shock capturing capability with the numerical methods in OpenFOAM