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Thermal Science Archive [volume 16, year 2012, Issue 1]

Issue containing 27 original scientific papers and a Open Forum contribution

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From the Editor-in-Chief: Preface to 2012/1

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific and Review Papers
There are two twin shadows, but einstein is one
Consumption of woody biomass in industry, commercial, and public facilities in Serbia: Present state and possible contribution to the share of renewable sources in final energy consumption
Hydrogeothermal resources in spa areas of Serbia: Main properties and possible improvement of use
Numerical heat transfer model for frost protection of citrus fruits by water from a spraying system
Numerical study of the conjugate heat transfer in a horizontal pipe heated by Joulean effect
Thermal response of heat-resistant layer with pyrolysis
Heat transfer from a rotating circular cylinder in the steady regime: Effects of Prandtl number
Flow structure from a horizontal cylinder coincident with a free surface in shallow water flow
Laminar convective heat transfer for in-plane spiral coils of noncircular cross sections ducts: A computational fluid dynamics study
A microbearing gas flow with different walls´ temperatures
Experimental investigations on an axial grooved cryogenic heat pipe
Analysis of heat transfer in a heated tube with a different typed disc insertion
CFD analysis of helical nozzles effects on the energy separation in a vortex tube
Non-Darcy porous media flow in no-slip and slip regimes
Thermal convection of dusty compressible Rivlin-Ericksen viscoelastic fluid with hall currents
A relative humidity calibration from 5°C to 45°C in a mixed-flow humidity generator
The effects of arbitrary injection angle and flow conditions on venturi-jet mixer
Study of the parabolic and elliptic approaches validities for a turbulent co-flowing jet
Improvement of thermal homogenization using multiple swirling jets
Hybrid wind-power-distillation plant
Possible efficiency improvement by application of various operating regimes for the cooling water pump station at thermal power plant - Bitola
Influence of application of Hottel’s zonal model and six-flux model of thermal radiation on numerical simulations results of pulverized coal fired furnace
Volumetric 3-component velocimetry measurements of the flow field on the rear window of a generic car model
Three dimensional numerical analysis of temperature distribution in an automobile cabin

Open Forum

Open discussion papers related to the issue of surface tension temperature effects on nanofiber fabrication
Effect on temperature on surface tension of a bubble and hierarchical ruptured bubbles for nanofiber fabrication