International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 14, year 2010, Issue 3]

Special issue: "Southeast Europe in the process of implementation of new European energy and environment strategy" containing a selection of papers presented at 2009 Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

Words from the Editor

From the Editor-in-chief, issue 2010/3

Part One

Policies and measures for renewable energy sources and achievement of targets by 2020 in Croatia
Local sustainable development planning in Serbia: Achievements so far and future challenges
Building institutional framework for sustainable development in Montenegro
Review of existing energy management standards and possibilities for its introduction in Serbia
Educating engineers for/in sustainable development? What we knew, what we learned, and what we should learn
Renewable energy sources and their potential role in mitigation of climate changes and as a sustainable development driver in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Modelling CO2 emissions impacts on Croatian power system
CO2 reduction options in cement industry: The Novi Popovac case
Greenhouse gases reduction through waste management in Croatia
Energy and environmental analysis of an open-loop ground-water heat pump system in an urban area
Development of the boiler for combustion of agricultural biomass by products
Selection of sustainable technologies for combustion of Bosnian coals
An investigation into the effect of photovoltaic module electric properties on maximum power point trajectory with the aim of its alignment with electrolyzer U-I characteristic
Pyrolysis and gasification of municipal and industrial wastes blends
Recultivation and sustainable development of coal mining in Kolubara basin
Ecological remediation of the Šoštanj thermal power plant with respect to sustainable development of the Šalek valley, Slovenia

Part Two

Energy efficiency and the gross domestic product
New methodological approach in techno-economic and environmental optimization of sustainable energy production
Efficiency and cost modelling of thermal power plants
Simulation model: Support to investment decision-making in the coal industry

Open Forum

On the applicability of the equipartition theorem
Equation of state in form which relates mol fraction and molarity of two (or more) component thermodynamic system consisted of ideal gases, and it’s applications

Book Review

THEORETICAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - Modeling and Simulation by Christo Boyadjiev