International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 13, year 2009, Issue 1]

Effects of ohmic heating and viscous dissipation on steady MHD flow near a stagnation point on an isothermal stretching sheet
Computational analysis of MHD flow, heat and mass transfer in trapezoidal porous cavity
Thermo-micropolar fluid flow along a vertical permeable plate with uniform surface heat flux in the presence of heat generation
Free convection in a vertical cylindrical annulus filled with anisotropic porous medium
Moisture intrusion in viscoelastic porous media: Induced-stress and deformation
Mathematical model of unsteady gas to solid particles heat transfer in fluidized bed
Computational study of smoke flow control in garage fires and optimization of the ventilation system
Experimental and scale up study of the flame spread over the PMMA sheets
Improvement of CaO-based sorbent performance for CO2 looping cycles
A study on spontaneous ignition of bituminous coal
Influence of running conditions on resonant oscillations in fresh-air ventilator blades used in thermal power plants
Analysis of the energetic/environmental performances of gas turbine plant: Effect of thermal barrier coatings and mass of cooling air
Exergy analysis of scroll compressors working with R22, R407C, and R417A as refrigerant for HVAC system
Numerical study of a modified Trombe wall solar collector system
An energy and exergy study of a solar thermal air collector