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Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Issue 2]

Regular issue: 36 original scientific papers and Open Forum contributions

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Multi-criteria analysis as a support for national energy policy regarding the use of biomass: Case study of Serbia
Thermal analysis of the influent of chip arrangement of a water-cooled minichannel heat sink
Using multi-shell phase change materials layers for cooling a lithium-ion battery
A new approach for the analysis of the nanoparticles effects on Cu-water nanofluid mixed convection heat transfer and required power in a lid-driven cavity
Numerical simulation and parametric study of laminar mixed convection nanofluid flow in flat tubes using two phase mixture model
The effect of surfactant on stability and thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube based nanofluids
Effects of radiation on convection heat transfer of Cu-water nanofluid past a moving wedge
Numerical study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in a stenosed artery using two rheological models
A novel hybrid ant colony optimization and particle swarm optimization algorithm for inverse problems of coupled radiative and conductive heat transfer
Experimental study of a water-mist jet issuing normal to a heated flat plate
Mixed convection heat transfer from a particle in supercritical water
Simultaneous reconstruction of temperature field and radiative properties by inverse radiation analysis using stochastic particle swarm optimization
Experimental investigation on flow and heat transfer for cooling flush-mounted ribbons in a channel: Application of an EHD active enhancement method
Similarity solutions of compressible flow over a rotating cone with surface suction
Analysis of the axisymmetrical ionized gas boundary layer adjacent to porous contour of the body of revolution
Intensive evaporation and boiling of a heterogeneous liquid droplet with an explosive disintegration in high-temperature gas area
Effect of thermal radiation on free convection flow and heat transfer over a truncated cone in the presence of pressure work and heat generation/absorption
Experimental calibration of the mathematical model of Air Torque Position dampers with non-cascading blades
Pressure drop and stability of flow in Archimedean spiral tube with transverse corrugations
Effects of chemical reaction in thermal and mass diffusion of micropolar fluid saturated in porous regime with radiation and ohmic heating
Influence of fly ash added to a ceramic body on its thermophysical properties
Possibilities for saving energy in ferrous metallurgy: Integration of technological processes
Influence of the welding parameters on the heat affected zone for aluminium welding
Numerical modeling of two-dimensional heat-transfer and temperature-based calibration using simulated annealing optimization method: Application to gas metal arc welding
Examination of operational optimization at Kemi district heating network
Building envelope influence on the annual energy performance in office buildings
Hybrid renewable energy system application for electricity and heat supply of a residential building
A novel imaging light funnel and its collecting heat experiments
An analytical algorithm to determine allowable ampacities of horizontally installed rectangular bus bars
Temperature and time influence on the waste plastics pyrolysis in the fixed bed reactor
New approach to equipment quality evaluation method with distinct functions

Open forum

Open Forum Contributions
A new fractional derivative without singular kernel: Application to the modelling of the steady heat flow
Transient heat diffusion with a non-singular fading memory: From the Cattaneo constitutive equation with Jeffrey’s Kernel to the Caputo-Fabrizio time-fractional derivative
New fractional derivatives with nonlocal and non-singular kernel: Theory and application to heat transfer model


Retraction - Request that it is necessary to retract paper: Thermal and electrical energy yield analysis of a directly water cooled photovoltaic module DOI:10.2298/TSCI130118144M
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